4.7 Resurrected

The weekend at Sulani was going so well until Dylan’s demise. This caused Sadness to fall upon the household. They didn’t even celebrate Cove’s birthday.

Cove grew up to like the outdoors but his behaviour as a teen was even worse than when he was a child. He was mean to others and always up to mischief.

Because Coral was a creative child she enjoyed drama club and had hopes of becoming an actress. When she became a teenager she was materialistic. She loved fancy clothes and new stuff.

She held on to her acting dreams and you could always find her practising her acting lines all around the house.

Cordelia on the other joined scouts and her aim was to become a Llamacorn Scout, the highest rank in scouting.

She loved outdoor and active things so much her mother and grandmother had a pool built just for her. It was the closest she could get to her Sulani experience and she swam in it everyday!

Cordelia: “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming.”

Aislinn stopped selling honey and started working as a freelance writer. She found she had talent and was able to make money without even changing from her pyjamas.

Cordelia mastered the motor skill and could confidently call herself physically gifted. She was doing great at Scouts and had collected many badges before even reaching a teenager.

Aislinn made sure to be a part of her children lives. She would support them in their endeavours and help with projects and homework.

One night, Coral went to feed the koi in the pond outside. She was enjoying them gobbling up the food when she lost her footing, fell in and started to drown.

Tatiana, with her supernatural senses felt the change in the air when the Reaper arrived. Luckily she was able to run over with her vampiric speed and plead with the Reaper for her granddaughter to live.

Thankfully, the Reaper obliged.

Coral used this second chance at life to work even harder to achieve her dreams. She was so committed that she became an A student!

When Cove became an adult he was evil. His poor conduct as a child and teen caused him to be an irresponsible adult and he joined the criminal career.

Of course he did not tell his family this. He made up excuses anytime his mother or grandmother asked him questions about his job

Coral soon followed Cove in becoming an adult. She was self-absorbed which fit perfectly with her becoming an actor.

One of her favourite parts of acting was getting her hair and makeup done.

Coral: “Too much hairspray Francois!”
Francois “Never too much! Just enough!”
Francois: “Voila!”

She was able to get gigs often and soon she achieved a fame level of notable newcomer.

The hard work had just begun.

What is it with this family and drowning. Coral went there of her own free will and suddenly I’m getting a notification that she’s drowning. Thankfully the Reaper gave her a second chance. I wasn’t ready for her to die.

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