The Reed Legacy 7.1- Harmony

Narrated by Harmony

Hi guys! My name is Harmony and I’m the current heir of Newcrest.

My father Ragnar announced it to the family a little before I aged up and after my birthday celebrations he presented me with this house.

7-1 (5)

Now, daddy explained to me everything about the legacy and apparently I’m supposed to build a museum but here’s the thing. Museums are boring. Newcrest doesn’t need one of those.

Right before I moved out Brielle got two puppies, Cookie and Dough and I absolutely fell in love with them so I got a brilliant idea.

Newcrest needs a Veterinarian Clinic!

So that’s what I’ll build. Of course I will need to learn all about taking care of animals but I think this could really work.

Oh and I got me an adorable Yorkshire Terrier named Whisper to keep me company.

7-1 (3)

Until next time




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