The Reed Legacy 6.8- Ragnar’s Builds

Ragnar had to two more houses to build to complete his legacy tasks. They both had to be $65,000 or below.

He decided that one house he would give to Tempo and the other to Harmony but since Tempo was wasting time he decided that Brielle should get it. When he told her she refused saying that she had decided that she would stay in the family house so that she could take care of her parents when they grew older.

Harmony’s house

6.8 (1)


6.8 (2)


6.8 (4)

Ground Floor

6.8 (5)

1st Floor

House number two.

6.8 (6)

6.8 (7)

And here is Newcrest at the end of Generation 6

6.8 (8)

This brings us to the end of Generation 6. Stay tuned for Generation 7.


Author’s note
Harmony’s house I built from scratch. The other house was the Asphalt Abodes lot that I modified.



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