The Reed Legacy 6.1- Ragnar 


Mother gave me the run down of how all the legacy stuff was supposed to go. Then she passed on my inheritance, what was left after she invested in her bar.

The legacy required me to build a middle class neighbourhood so the first thing I did was build a house for me and my future family to live in.

The house I grew up in was pretty cramped so I made sure this one had lots of room.

6-1 (5)

I built a big enough kitchen and outfitted it with stylish cabinets and the latest appliances. Maybe later on I’ll add a bar. I bought a nice large dining table so I could have friends and family over for dinners.

6-1 (6)


And I put lots of activities to keep my children occupied. Maybe I overdid it a bit with the outdoor activities but better to keep them occupied at home than have them find work for idle hands to do.

6-1 (2)

I planned on having at least three children and twins ran in my family so I made sure I was prepared for that.

6-1 (7)

And I designed a bedroom I hope my future wife would be proud of.

6-1 (8).png

When it was done I was able to look at it and say “Here is the house that Ragnar built”.

6-1 (9)



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