The Reed Legacy 5.14- Opening Night

Nubia had invested a good bit of the family’s money into the bar she had to build. She built a classy establishment, named Nubia’s and she hoped that it would attract the rich and famous from other towns to Newcrest.

5-14 (7)

Nubia’s at night

5-14 (8)

Nubia’s in the day

5-14 (9)

Back view

5-14 (6)

5-14 (1)

Bar with lots of seating

5-14 (2)

Dance area

5-14 (3)

Couches and TV complete with gaming system

5-14 (4)

Outside seating area

5-14 (5)

Chef’s station and bathrooms

Finally the time came when she could open her doors to the public. She hosted a grand opening night which was a great success.

5-14 (11)5-14 (12)5-14 (13)5-14 (14)5-14 (16)

Everybody wanted to come to the place that the celeb mixologist owned. She even treated them to some of her handcrafted specialties.

5-14 (15)

After opening night she sat with her children to discuss choosing Ragnar as the next heir of Newcrest.

5-14 (17)

She explained her choice to them the same way that her father explained it to her and her brother when he was choosing. Sigrid was there to support her mother and to give her congratulations to her brother as well.

The children received it well thankfully and none of them were upset about the choice she made.



That brings us to the end of Generation 5. Hope you enjoyed.

This generation took so long to complete. Nubia was advancing in her job extremely slowly even though all the requirements had been met each day before she went to work. I actually though she would kick the bucket before she finished. Thankfully she didn’t so my legacy gets to continue. Yay!

And here is a lovely family photo I did before Nikola died.

5-14 (10)

Poses by Rinvalee



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