The Reed Legacy 5.13- Celebrity Mixologist

Nubia had finally completed her Legacy tasks by reaching the highest level of her career. She was now a Celebrity Mixologist. She was all smiles when she came home that night.

08-02-17_2-01-47 AM (2)

Floki had proved to be a difficult child. He had no interest in school and was constantly failing. As a teen he got involved in under-aged drinking and as soon as he became a young adult he moved to San Myshuno to continue his partying ways. He made it clear to his parents that he had no interest in the legacy at all.

07-16-17_9-16-19 PM07-23-17_12-32-14 AM

Sigrid was the model child and did well at school then went ahead to pursue dancing in the city. She also was not interested in becoming heir.

07-23-17_6-01-30 PM

So the choice was between Kwenthrith, Ragnar or Helga but Nubia did not know who to choose.

Her husband had died some years ago leaving her run the house and finish her legacy tasks alone.

08-02-17_12-36-52 AM

So she turned to her good friend Eloise for some counsel.

“How am I going to choose an heir?” she asked her.

08-02-17_2-23-30 AM

“Maybe look at their skills and personalities and see who is the best fit.” Eloise replied.
Nubia flipped through the legacy journal for some inspiration and then it came to her.

“I know I’ll use the same method dad used with me. My generation is female so the next will be male. That means it will be Ragnar, because Floki doesn’t want it.” she reasoned.

08-02-17_2-23-38 AM

“Good idea. Now you need to tell them.”




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