The Reed Legacy 5.12- Interlude: Angel

Working on her career and taking care of a family was tiring. Sometimes Nubia needed some time alone so she would go to the park or other community areas to think.

One of these nights she met Angel.

5-12 (1)

Angel had the telltale signs of a vampire. Nubia remembered her dad, Partridge saying there were no such thing as vampires because he visited Forgotten Hollow and didn’t find any but she believed differently.

Nubia was always interested in vampires and she had done quite a bit of research before so she knew that she was right. She only saw Angel during the night, she was very pale and Nubia could have sworn she saw fangs one time.

And eventually Nubia mustered up the courage to confront her.

Angel actually didn’t try hide it. She was very glad to meet someone who didn’t think that vampires were just a folktale.

5-12 (2)

“So then…” Nubia said. “Would you be able to um… turn me?”



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