The Reed Legacy 5.11- A Growing Family

“I’m sorry Nik. I went about this situation the wrong way.”┬áNubia apologised before opening the gate I understand if you wanna leave.”

5-11 (1)

“I would never leave my family. Our children need both parents around.” Nikola replied as she opened the gate and let him out”And I understand that it was my weakness that incited the whole series of events. I should have had more self control and the way you handled it… well it definitely could have been better but what’s done is done. We definitely need to work on our relationship now though. Maybe call in a counselor or something.”

“I think you’re right.” She said looking at the floor. “Thank you for not abandoning me at my worst.”

She opened the gate, let him out and they went upstairs to the children. Nikola got to meet his daughter, Sigrid for the first time and Floki seemed happy to have his father back.

5-11 (2)

After they reconciled the family grew together nicely.

He made sure the basement room was demolished and he stayed on Nubia’s good side. He made a habit of doing all the cooking in the house too and never drank stuff any of the drinks she made.

5-11 (8)

Floki aged up to be self-assured just like his father.

5-11 (5)

Soon baby Kwenthrith was born and not long after the family welcomed twin babies Ragnar and Helga.

5-11 (3)

Floki was the most upset with the new additions to the household. The room the he once shared with Sigrid he now had to share with three screaming toddlers.

5-11 (4)

After the twins the couple decided their baby making days were over. They had run out of space anyway.

Nubia made sure to plan tons of group family activities on her off days. It was her way or keeping her family together

5-11 (7)5-11 (6)5-11 (10)5-11 (11)


When the children got older they even went on a trip to granite falls.

5-11 (12)5-11 (13)5-11 (14)

Where the twins celebrated their birthday. Ragnar grew up to be a music lover and Kwenthrith developed a love for the outdoors.

5-11 (16)5-11 (15)


Nubia took her family to see the secret glade she found when was a teenager.

5-11 (21)

“How come you’ve never called the police for me?” Nubia inquired one night.

5-11 (19)
Bradwell sat next to her on a log bench. “I know how much this legacy means to you. I would never mess that up.”
“I’m so grateful that you didn’t.” She paused thinking about how to ask her next question.

“How long did you and… umm the uh… affair… how long did it go on for?”
“Honestly she had been coming on to me for awhile but that was the only time I responded to her advances.”
“So you didn’t sleep with her?”
“And I treated you so terribly because of it! Gosh, I’m such a terrible person.”

5-11 (18)

“It’s the past now. I forgave you. Let’s not dwell on it.” Nikola patted her leg.

Nubia sighed. She felt really bad about how things went but she wasn’t going to argue with her husband. They were in a good place now so it was best to leave it alone.



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