The Reed Legacy 5.10- Let Good Sense Prevail

Nikola had been a good boy and whenever his wife was pleased with him he woke up with something new in his quarters. When she got pregnant he got a violin. When he stopped asking to be let out he got a woodworking bench.

5-10 (1)

At least now he was not bored all the time.

5-10 (2)

He began to look forward to the time they would spend together.

“So how was your day?” he would ask. and she would tell him about work and things going on in Newcrest.

5-10 (3)

Today was no different. Nubia came to visit bring him food and snacks.

“How was today?” Nikola asked
“It was okay. The baby’s coming soon. He so much quieter than Floki. Not much tossing and turning at all.”
“Hmm. Maybe it’s a girl.”

5-10 (4)

“I hope it goes fine. I wish I could have been there for the birth. And how is Floki? He’s probably so big now.”
“He is. And very independent too. He wants to do everything on his own.” Nubia smiled proudly.
“That amazing! You think maybe you can bring him down here…” he trailed off immediately regretting asking.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Nubia replied her mood changing a little.
“Yeah you’re probably right.”

Bradwell and Kaylie came to visit her a few days after she had baby Sigrid. Bradwell was always interested in how she was handling her legacy tasks and today she showed him a new piece she had added to her kitchen. It was a wine rack that she received after her last promotion.

5-10 (7)

“And how is Nik?” Bradwell asked. “We haven’t seen him in forever.”
“Yes that’s true.” Kaylie added. “He usually he pops by our house after his jogs.”

“Oh he went to visit his parents in Willow Creek.”  Nubia lied. “His mum isn’t doing too well.” At least the last part was true. Nikola had mentioned that before.

“Oh. Well let him know we asked for him.” Bradwell said.
“Will do.” Nubia said then changed the subject. “so Kaylie when is your baby due?.” she smiled and led them to the living room.

Time was flying s quickly as ever and Nubia was now pregnant with her third child.

“I’m a terrible person!”  She and Eloise were having some girl time by the pool.
“Why do you say that?” Eloise asked.
“I’ve locked my husband a way and used him as a baby making machine.” Nubia blurted out.
Eloise’s mouth dropped open. “What?”
“Close your mouth before flies get in. You heard me.” Nubia frowned.

5-10 (9)

“Why? Wait because of Aya?  So all these years he’s been locked up! That is terrible.”

“I had to Ellie! I had to. But he’s been so good down there and its so hard taking care of two children plus there’s another one on the way. And even though Siggy is an angel I can’t do it on my own…”

Raising two children on her own had been much more difficult that she’d ever imagined it would be. It wasn’t just Nikola’s support she missed, it was the way he could take a stressful situation and turn it into a reason to laugh.

“Down where?” Eloise asked.
Nubia pointed to some plants behind them. “There’s a hidden stairwell that leads to a basement.”
“Well this is a lot to take in. I wish you had told me about this instead of trying to go it alone but all that is past.”

Eloise went into problem solving mode.

“Let Nik out. Apologise for keeping him locked away for so long and see if you guys can make things work. I mean you don’t want your children to grow up fatherless.”

“You’re right.” Nubia sighed. “Gosh I’ve messed up so badly.”

“Don’t worry there is still time  to make it right.” Eloise smiled.

5-10 (8)

“Nik loves you. I’m sure he’ll forgive you. Plus look on the bright side. You have two children and one on the way. Your legacy is more than secure.”
“Thanks for being an amazing friend!”



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