The Reed Legacy 5.8- Punishment

“Ellie!” Nubia cried into the phone.
Eloise was groggy from sleep and looked at the caller ID to make see who it was.
“Nubia? What’s wrong?”

5-8 (2)
“I knew it! I knew this would happen!”
“What would? Nubia you’re not making any sense.”
“Aya and Nikola” she responded and broke down in tears.
“Oh my gosh! Nubia I… Where are you?”
Nubia sniffled. “In the park.”
“Jeez girl it’s cold outside. Come to my house and we’ll talk about it.”
“Okay.” Nubia sniffled some more and hung up.

At Eloise’s house she sat her down on her couch to chat. Nubia explained that she got home from work and saw her husband in a compromising position with Aya.

5-8 (3)

“So I locked him in the bedroom and left. I don’t know what to do.”
“Well for starters you can’t leave him locked away…”
“Why not?”
“It’s um..uneth- You know what never mind.”
Nubia sighed. “Can I spend the night here? I’m tired from work and I just want to sleep. I’ll figure things out in the morning.”

The next day Nubia came up with a plan. She still loved Nikola but she didn’t trust him anymore. She had an heir but still needed spares so she decided to build an underground prison for Nikola until she had enough children for her legacy to be secure.

But first she had to check on him and give him breakfast.

She whipped up some pancakes and mixed him a cocktail that would keep him docile.

“Nubia,” he said uncertainly when she opened the door. “Let me apologise.”

5-8 (1)

“I brought you breakfast.” she said putting down the food behind him. “Eat up.”
Then left and locked the door.

Over the next few days she hired some workmen to fix up a basement to her liking.

When she the work was finished she drugged Nikola and moved him downstairs and locked him in.

Then she took a seat, and waited for him to wake up.

5-8 (5)



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