The Reed Legacy 5.6- Baby Blues

As a wedding present Nikola bought Nubia a brand new bar. The most expensive that he could afford.

5-6 (2)

She and Nikola agreed that she would work to finish her legacy tasks while he stayed at home to care for the house and the children.

Eloise and Nubia remained friends and even invited a new member to their clique. Her name was Aya. She worked with Eloise and all three ladies got along well.

5-6 (1)

Nubia was working hard to reach the top of her career so that she could work on building the the neighbourhood restaurant and bar when she found out she was pregnant.

5-6 (8)

Meanwhile Nikola wasn’t taking the news of her pregnancy too well. He felt more held down than ever before and longed to get away from the whole marriage thing.

5-6 (5)

He thought he could change for Nubia. He really did love her but a baby on the way just meant even more commitment. He couldn’t handle it.

Jogging was one way he cleared his head and took his mind off of his troubles and once day while jogging he stumbled upon Aya, one of his wife’s close friends.

5-6 (6)

They started talking about all sorts of things and he invited her to his home for a drink but she politely declined and they carried on with their lives.

5-6 (7)

Soon after the baby was born a bouncing baby boy which they named Floki.

5-6 (9)

Nubia and Nikola were thrilled to have a new member in their family but soon it hit Nikola that this was a whole little person that he would be responsible for and he started to worry.

He felt alone in this whole thing and Aya became a listening ear through this tough time for him. She even offered her services to help take care of the newborn.

“Hey Nubia.” she said one day while the girls were having drinks. “Nikola’s been feeling a little overwhelmed with the baby and stuff.”
“Has he now?” Nubia raised her eyebrows.

5-6 (10)

“Yeah.” Aya continued oblivious to Nubia’s change in tone “Maybe I can come help out with the baby?”
“That’s a great idea!” Eloise interjected with a smile. “Better Aya than a nanny that you don’t know to be around Floki right?”
“I don’t know… I’ll think about it.” Nubia paused.
“Great!” Aya clapped excitedly. “I need to go have a wee. I’ll be right back.” she got up and skipped to the washrooms.

“What the hell Ellie?” Nubia ground out. “You know Nik has commitment issues. There’s no way I’m a flirt like her in my house with him alone.”

5-6 (12)

“Calm down. I’m pretty sure Aya knows to keep her hands to herself when she comes to your man Nubia. You have nothing to worry about.”
“You better be right.” Nubia plastered a smile on her face as Aya came back.

5-6 (13)

“I just saw this hottie by the bathroom.” Aya said as she sat down.
Nubia rolled her eyes and Eloise mouthed to her “Behave.”
“He gave me his number on a tissue.” Aya continued waving the crumpled tissue around.

Nubia decided she would have a chat with Nikola about Aya helping out but she couldn’t help feeling that it was a bad idea.



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