The Reed Legacy 5.5- Nikola


I’m a guy who lacks commitment and I’ve struggled with it my entire life but when I met Nubia I knew I wouldn’t want any other woman but her.

5-5 (7)

I took her on a few dates and spent a lot of time at her house getting to know her.

5-5 (6)5-5 (2)5-5 (1)

We did a lot of things together including visit her brother and his growing family…


…and spend time at the gym.

5-5 (5)

I hoped that she like me for me because other than my looks I had nothing really going for me… No job, no fancy legacy and only a few skills.

I thought it would be a good idea to butter up her father as well before I asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage but one day while I was visiting Mr. Reed, Grim decided to visit.

5-5 (3)

Needless to say Nubia didn’t take the news well.

5-5 (4)

I stuck with her through the whole thing and I became that shoulder for her to lean on. She grew pretty attached to me.

After my birthday I decided it was time to settle down. It was a really hard decision but I knew Nubia always dreamed of getting married and building her family so I sucked up my pride and made the decision to propose. It was also a very good time since Nubia recently maxed her mixology skill and finished her aspiration.

I was pretty nervous about the proposal with her being unflirty and all but I did it anyways and…

5-5 (8)5-5 (9)5-5 (10)5-5 (12)5-5 (13)5-5 (14)5-5 (15)5-5 (18)

5-5 (17)

5-5 (19)

5-5 (16)

…she accepted.



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