The Reed Legacy 5.4- Interlude: Forgotten Hollow


Bradwell had moved out after he got married and Nubia was busy with her job and completing her aspiration so I decided to take a trip. Everybody was talking about Forgotten Hollow and about it being haunted and vampires living there so I decided to see for myself.

06-07-17_12-05-12 AM

It definitely was a spooky looking town with fog all around and all the houses looked a few hundred years old.

06-07-17_12-06-28 AM

I bumped into my gardener who happened to be living there (How did I not know this?) and he took me on a tour of his house. He explained that it was passed down from generation to generation and all the furniture was acquired over the years.

06-07-17_12-08-29 AM

I must say his family had an eye for spooky furniture.

06-07-17_12-07-31 AM

06-07-17_12-10-10 AM

There was even a creepy basement with a crypt and coffins (for the vamp?) so I tried one out because it’s not everyday you get to lay in a coffin.

06-07-17_12-15-44 AM

It was quite comfy but I don’t think I’ll be getting myself one anytime soon.

06-07-17_12-15-45 AM

I explored the town further and found some cool new plants to add to my garden back home. Wolfsbane and garlic.

06-07-17_12-18-34 AM06-07-17_12-18-46 AM06-07-17_12-23-58 AM

I think Nubia might try to make a drink from them. Maybe an anti-vampire drink.

06-07-17_12-24-30 AM

All in all it was an okay town. I didn’t see any vampires or immortal beings so I guess they don’t exist.


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