The Reed Legacy 5.3- Prospects

“I see you’re enjoying the bar.” Partridge said as he took a seat at the bar to watch his daughter mix drinks.

5-3 (2)

“Yes! I have some awesome ideas for new drinks. Perhaps you can be my guinea pig!” She replied excitedly.
“Sure! So  tell me. there anyone special in your life? You need a husband and an heir son you know.”

5-3 (1)

“Dad I’m still young.  All of that will come in time…”
“I guess but I would like to see some grandchildren before I go.”
“Don’t worry. I’m sure Brad is working on that during his honeymoon.”
Partridge laughed. “I bet he is. I like that girl he married. She seems nice.”
“Yeah.” Nubia agreed. “They are cute together.”

5-3 (3)

Nubia took what her dad said to heart and began looking at her prospects. There was Nikola the guy she met while out with Éloïse. Michael and Veer who were her classmates from school and Genji a creep that frequented her workplace and had a weird fixation on her.

5-3 (9)


5-3 (11)


5-3 (10)


She looked to her friend Eloise for some guidance.

“Ellie dad told me I need to find a husband.”
Eloise burst out laughing. “Of course you do! You need heirs and spares. So who do you have in mind.”
Nubia told her about the four men that were her potentials.

“I think Nikola is my best bet. And he isn’t bad looking either.”

5-3 (12)

“Exactly! So go on a date and see what happens.”
“But I’m so unflirty it will just be a big mess.”
“Don’t say that Nubia. Just try it and see.”
“Okay.” Nubia said uncertainly.
“Call me let me know how it goes okay.”
“Yeah sure.”

So Nubia and Nikola went on a date to the library and it was awkward at times but they pushed through and even had their first kiss.

5-3 (4)5-3 (5)5-3 (6)5-3 (7)

“ELLIE!” Nubia practically screamed into the phone.

5-3 (13)

“This date was a hot mess!”
“What? Why?”
“I fumbled all over the conversation but… We had our first kiss and he asked me out again Isn’t that awesome?”
“Oh my gosh YES!” Eloise squealed.

Nubia could just imagine her jumping up and down.

“I feel like a giddy teenager!” Nubia laughed.
“I know right! I’m so happy for you. You guys will make a great couple.”
“Thanks Ellie. I’m glad I took your advice.”

The friends chatted a little more before hanging up and Nubia went to bed thinking about what her next date with Nikola would be like.



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