The Reed Legacy 5.2- Makeover

“Look Nubia I understand why you hid your body when we were teens but for goodness sake you’re an adult now. Time to show some skin!” Nubia’s friend, Eloise told her.

5-2 (1)

“Don’t start with¬† me again Eloise you know why I don’t.” Nubia groaned.
“Nobody cares what your skin looks like because you’re a legacy heir. That’s all people care about.”
“Wow that makes me feel a lot better.” Nubia replied sarcastically.
“Here’s what. How about you let me give you a makeover. Try it for a week and see how you like it.”

Nubia thought about it for a while. She remembered what the hermit at Granite Falls said and thought maybe it really was time. “Fine. One week.”

5-2 (2)

“Hooray!” Eloise cheered.

That week they went shopping in Magnolia Promenade then back to Nubia’s house to dress her and do her makeup.

5-2 (8)5-2 (9)

“There!” Eloise said when she was done.
“Wow… This is nice.” Nubia said admiring her new outfit.
“Yes. Most definitely. Now let’s go out and show off your new outfit.”

5-2 (3)

They went over to the community picnic area and had some grilled fruit that someone left there.

“How do you feel?” Eloise said chewing on some fruit.
“Still a little nervous. People are staring.”

5-2 (4)

Yes ‘cuz you’re a beautiful woman showing some skin.” Eloise joked.
“How are you so sure?” Nubia asked uncertainly.
“I just know okay.” Eloise responded “Oooh look at this hottie.” she poked Nubia in the ribs. “He’s coming this way. Heirs needs husbands don’t they?”
“Oh my gosh Ellie! Will you behave!”

“Hey. You guys look familiar. ¬†Have we met before?” the hottie asked.
Nubia rubbed her arms self consciously and opened her mouth to answer but Eloise answered first.

5-2 (6)

“Yesss! You work at that diner that Nubia works at don’t you?”

“Yeah that’s it. You’re the new girl.” He said referring to Nubia. “So how do you like it?”
“Um yeah. It’s great so far.” Nubia replied shyly.

5-2 (7)

“Nice. Well I’ll see you around. Oh I’m Nikola by the way.”
“Nice to meet you.” The ladies said in unison.
“I’m Eloise and she’s Nubia.” Eloise offered. “See you around.”

“Oulala! Eloise elbowed Nubia in her side again after Nicola left
“Ow!” Nubia exclaimed.
“He was totally into you by the way.”
“No way!”
“Yes way! He was practically drooling all over you.”
“I doubt.” Nubia bit her lip.
“And he looks a little nerdy like you too.”

Eloise sighed in exasperation. “Sometimes I feel like holding you and shaking all that unflirty-ness out of you!

Nubia burst out laughing. “Is that even a word?”

They both laughed and continued eating their meal.




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