The Reed Legacy 5.1- Nubia


I’m pretty excited about being heir. Today was my birthday. While growing up I gained the good and unflirty traits and now I had creative to add to the mix. From tomorrow I officially start working on my legacy tasks.

5-1 (1)

Daddy bought me a bar to start working on my mixology skills since my task is to build a bar for the town. That’s pretty cool though compared to all the other stuff my ancestors built.

5-1 (3)

I am a bit nervous though. When I became a teen I developed this strange skin condition that caused these blotches all over my body.

5-1 (2)

I was teased about it in high school and whenever people see it they stare and it makes me uncomfortable so I’ve resorted to wearing long clothes so people don’t see it.

Some time ago my family went on a vacation to Granite Falls and I was exploring when I stumbled upon this bramble patch.

5-1 (4)

When I crawled through I came upon the most beautiful place I had ever seen. It was so peaceful. There were birds singing, butterflies feeding off of countless flowers and this amazing waterfall.

5-1 (8)

I met this lady who seemed to be a hundred years old. She told me she lived in that secluded area for the majority of her life  and only had visitors when the occasional wanderer wandered by. She also told me that I was destined for greatness no matter what anyone said.

5-1 (6)

She touched the sleeve of my sweater and told me I didn’t have to hide my skin because it was what made me unique.

I was still worried about how people viewed my skin though so I decided to keep my long sleeves a little longer.

I thanked her for her kind words before I went back to meet my family. I didn’t tell them about my encounter though.

5-1 (7)

Bradwell aged up to be an outdoor loving, hot headed, genius and he started working at this space agency and is training to be an astronaut. He also has a girlfriend and they’ve been pretty steady I think he might propose to her soon.

5-1 (9)




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