The Reed Legacy 4.12- End of an Era


I took my teens to the gym I built and sat them down.

“Guys my time is drawing near.”
“Oh behave dad. You have lots more time.” Bradwell joked.

4-12 (1)

We all laughed then I continued.

“From the legacy journal, it looks like the heirs always alternate male then female so in keeping with that I would like to choose Nubia to be the heir.

“Congrats sis!” Bradwell cheered.

4-12 (4)

Nubia was a little shocked but once she recovered she spoke. “Well daddy I will try to do my best to make you and our ancestors proud.”


4-12 (3)

She turned to Bradwell. “Don’t think you’re out of this so easily brother. I expect you to help out.”
“Sure. Anyway I can I will.”

4-12 (6)

I listened to them banter and I was thankful that there were no hard feelings with the whole heir thing. My mind ran back to my sister, Pressia and the whole drama with her running away because she couldn’t handle the stress. So I was glad this all worked out.

Once she becomes a young adult she’ll start her legacy tasks. I’ve already arranged for her to get some help with an old family friend to boost her career when she starts.

She’ll do great…especially with Bradwell as her wing-man.



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