The Reed Legacy 4.9- Forgiven

Time was flying in the Reed household. Sackarius was now an elder and Amara had become an adult and went to Windenburg to further her studies.

Since Partridge’s chat with Morgan she had packed up her things and never looked back. Partridge was down about it but he tried to focus his energy into raising Bradwell instead.

Bradwell had aged up and became a child and Partridge had finally reached the top of his career after years and years of hard work.

One day Bradwell sat next to him and asked “Daddy, where’s mummy?”

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Partridge knew the questions would come but he didn’t expect them just yet.

“Your mum had to leave when you were really little.” he explained.
“She umm…had some umm business to attend to.” He fumbled all over the words. All the times he practiced the speech he was supposed to have it perfected by now, yet he didn’t.

“Can you tell me about her?” Bradwell asked with a smile.

“Sure. Partridge replied. He went on to tell his son about Morgan. He told him about them playing together as childrennand hanging out as teens. and he took him to the wedding photo on the wall and told him about that as well.

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“Do you think I’ll ever get to meet her.” Bradwell asked when they sat back down.
“Maybe you will.”  Partridge replied giving his son a hug. “If she ever comes to her senses.” He thought to himself.

Little did he know that day was coming sooner than he thought.

Partridge was relaxing on the porch upstairs when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He looked at the caller ID but didn’t recognise the number. The area code was a Windenburg one though.

4-9 (1)

“Hello?” He answered.
“Is this Mr. Partridge Reed?”
“Yes it is.”
“This is Inspector Hunte from the Windenburg police department. We have your wife in custody.”
“Morgan?  I haven’t heard from her in years.”

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“I would like you to come to the station to discuss the details of her release as soon as possible.”
“Uhh sure, no problem.”

Partridge never thought he would find himself in such a predicament. The legacy rules stated that the family could only leave Newcrest to visit Granite Falls or Magnolia Promenade and here he was running off to Windendurg to free his wife. He assumed this was okay because he had completed all the legacy tasks anyway.

“I’m so happy you could meet with me sir. We found your wife working for some criminals. Luckily for her she wasn’t in to deep.” the Inspector explained.
“I see.” Partridge replied. “What are the conditions for her release?”

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“You can post bail. It’s 100,000. Once you do I will take you to see her. She will be on probation seeing that this is her first offense. If she is caught in any illegal activities again she will be sentenced to time in prison. Any questions?”
“No ma’am. I’d just like to get this over with as quickly as possible.”
“Great. Come with me.”

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