The Reed Legacy 4.8- Ultimatum 


It’s funny how things work out.

Morgan loves whoohoo and I’m thankful that despite her criminal side activities, she’s been faithful.

4-8 (1)

4-8 (2)

Well it just so happened that she forgot protection one day and ended up pregnant. Now We’re having a baby! Finally I was going to have an heir.

4-8 (3)

Well the time soon came for Morgan to give birth and she had a safe delivery bring our baby, Bradwell into the world.

4-8 (4)

4-8 (5)

Once she had recovered from the “ordeal” as she liked to call it I decided to pull her up on her illegal activities.

“Morgan I know you’re into illegal activities.”
“That’s crazy Ridge. Why would you think such a thing?”

4-8 (6)

“Don’t even try to deny it. I have proof.” I pulled out my phone and showed her a picture I had of her dressed in black collecting a briefcase from a gentleman also dressed in black.

“So now you know.” She said turning up her nose. “Now what?”
“Now I want you to stop.”
“I said no.”
“You have a child now.”
“That I didn’t even want!” she practically shouted.

4-8 (10)

Partridge tried his best to keep calm. Showing anger wouldn’t help seeing that Morgan was hot headed in the first place.

“You need to think about the repercussions. The baby, the legacy.”
“what repercussions Ridge? Nobody’s gonna get hurt, nobody’s gonna find out. I get to use my talents and this household gets cash.”
“Dirty cash that I don’t want anywhere near my family or my legacy!”
“Ridge you’re overreacting. It’s not so bad.”

“Yes it is. Newcrest is supposed to be a clean slate. Not riddled with crime and violence like Windenburg or San Myshuno.”

I took a breath and continued. “You have two options. Quit the crime thing or leave. ”

4-8 (11)

Morgan’s jaw dropped. “What? Ridge you can’t be serious?”
“I’m very serious.” I was sticking to my decision. “You have until the end of the week.”

I got up and went to bed. It was hard to fall asleep that night. I tossed and turned mulling over the situation in my mind. I still loved morgan with all my heart and I couldnt help but wonder, did I make the right decision? If my parents were here I would be able to talk to them about it.

I hope that I did the right thing though. For my child and for Newcrest.



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