The Reed Legacy 4.7- Criminal

“She’s involved in an organized crime ring.” Brandon told Partridge.
“What? Why?”
“Beats me.” Brandon shrugged.
“She has no reason to. I pay all the bills and anything she wanted she could have if she asked.”

4-7 (1)

“Maybe she got bored?” Brandon suggested. “I mean she has all this free time during the day.”

He thought about how he could get Morgan to stop without jeopardizing his marriage especially since he didn’t have an heir yet.

“Maybe.” Partridge agreed. “I don’t think mother or any of my ancestors would appreciate having a criminal in the legacy though. I will have to talk to her.”

“Hey hun! I just got promoted”
“That’s great Ridge!”
“So hows things at home… are you okay with being a housewife?”
“Yeah. I have lots of time for myself you know.. I throw parties catch up with friends. Sometimes my clubmates come over. And I make tons of ice cream.” she said biting into a cone.

4-7 (4)

“Ahh I see. And are these clubmates all good, law abiding citzens?”
“Of course they are.”
“Well  that’s good to hear.”

He didn’t know what else to ask her to get her to say something about her activities so he changed the topic.

“So I was thinking…. maybe we could have a baby?”

4-7 (3)

“What?” she blurted almost choking on her ice cream. “Now? And ruin my awesome body? No no Ridge. If you want a child now you can have it yourself.”

“Wow calm yourself down Morgan. We don’t have to right now. I just brought it up because I’m in a good place career wise and you have lots of free time… you said so yourself… but maybe we can wait a few more years.”

And that was the end of that. He loved Morgan dearly but sometimes they disagreed. This was one thing they needed to agree on though because he needed an heir.

His niece Amara was already a teen and he had no children of his own.

4-7 (5)


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