The Reed Legacy 4.6- Secrets

“So how is life as a fourth gen legacy wife?” Jenny asked.
“I love it!” Morgan gushed. “The whole family is so friendly and welcoming. Mrs. Reed senior made the best meals… before she passed.”

4-6 (3)

She took a breath and continued. “Everyone shares tips for marital success and all of that but there’s one thing they keep telling me. Be open and don’t keep secrets.”
“Oh dear.” Jenny responded knowing where this was going.
“But this is one secret I have to keep. How could I tell him I’m a criminal?”
“You can’t Morgan. Partridge would never understand.”
“I know right.” She sighed.

Before she married Partridge, Morgan had gotten involved with being the “middle man” for deliveries of illegal items. Newcrest was great for this because no one suspected illegal activities here since it was a developing neighbourhood. Once she started she moved up the ladder and her deliveries were growing in quantity and frequency. She was in too deep to leave now. Jenny worked for the same crime lords but she operated in Windenburg mostly.

“What about babies? I’m sure you guys are whoohooing like crazy!” Jenny chuckled making Morgan giggle.

4-6 (2)

“Of course we are but babies are yucky.” She giggled some more.
“But you have to  to give him an heir.”
“Maybe I’ll hire a surrogate…”
They both burst out laughing.

One night Partridge was up late exercising when Morgan came home.

“Where have you been babe?” he asked.
“Out.” she answered curtly. Her own voice surprised her. She had not meant to answer like that but she was thrown off guard with Partridge being up so late.

“Out where?” Partridge frowned.

4-6 (9)
“Why does it matter? I was out now I’m home. “I’m tired so I’m going to bed.”

She walked off and went to sleep a little worried about what Partridge would think. She hoped it would blow over soon though.

Partridge knew Morgan was hot-headed so he didn’t push. He didn’t want to fight but she did act suspiciosly. He was determined to find out why.

The next day he called up a friend of his that did private investigation.

“Hey Brandon. I have a job for you.”

4-6 (15)

Whatever his wife was up to he would find out.



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