The Reed Legacy 4.3- Patience is a Virtue

Not long after the wedding Pressia gave birth to baby Amara. She was loved by the entire household.

4-3 (1)4-3 (2)4-3 (3)

Meanwhile Morgan had her own issues.

“Why isn’t Partridge proposing Presh? Have I done something wrong?” she pouted

4-3 (1)

Maybe he’s just waiting for the right moment Morgan. Just continue being your regular sweet self and you’ll see.” Pressia replied.
“By the time he does I’ll be an old hag!” she fumed.

4-3 (2)

“Behave. He’s coming home soon. Why don’t you tell him how you feel?”
Morgan threw up her hands in the air. “Don’t you understand Pressia! I shouldnt have to ask him! We’ve been together since secondary school. I’ve been faithful, kept myself looking great not to mention I’m the most beautiful woman in the world! Arghh! It’s so frustrating!” she stomped her foot in anger.

4-3 (3)

“Patience Morgan. Let’s go for a swim” Pressia said gently in an attempt to calm her down.

4-3 (4)

“Hey Morgan!” Partridge greeted. “How are you?”
“I’ve been better.” she frowned.
“I got a promotion.” Partridge beamed.

4-3 (7)

“Good for you.”
“I was thinking maybe we could go out to celebrate…”
“Go where Ridge? here’s nowhere to go in Newcrest.”
“To Magnolia Promenade. C’mon I promise I’ll make it special.”

4-3 (6)

“Fine. Let’s go”

“Dudeee! What is up with that beard?” Alec asked Partridge.
You don’t like it? I think it makes me look more manly.” Partridge made a funny face and Alec laughed.

04-30-17_11-20-42 PM

“So how is everything with you?”
“Great actually. I just got promoted. I get to play professionally now. Anddddd drumroll please…. Morgan said yes!”
“What! That’s great!” Well you better prepare for Bridezilla!” Alec burst out laughing.

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