The Reed Legacy 4.2- Tying the Knot

Sackarius had listened to what Pressia had to say. He was down with getting married but he wanted to do things the old-fashioned way.

The next day after work he came home to fins Pressia playing with the cow plant. Right there and then he went down on one knee and pulled out an engagement ring.

4-2 (1)

Of course she said yes.

4-2 (2)

They had a small wedding in the backyard (where most weddings took place) with only family and close friends.

4-2 (5)4-2 (6)4-2 (4)

Kassandra was probably the happiest person at the wedding.

4-2 (3)

Morgan was sour the entire ceremony.
“It should be me getting married.” she grumbled

4-2 (7)

Her mood improved a little once the food and drinks started flowing though.
“Congrats Presh! Hopefully I’ll be next. I don’t know whats taking your brother so long.” she told Pressia.

4-2 (8)
“He’s probably waiting on the right time.” Pressia smiled. “Ooh! the baby just kicked! Would you like to feel it?”

“Sure!” Morgan placed her hands gently on Pressia’s tummy. “Wow! That’s a whole little human growing in you huh. That’s a little scary come to think of it.”

4-2 (9)

“I guess but  I guess it’s all rewarding when the baby comes.” Pressia smiled proudly.



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