The Reed Legacy 4.1- Starting Afresh

It was finally Partridge’s turn to start working on his part of legacy. He aspired to be a bodybuilder and boy did he have a long way to go. While waiting on his mother to complete her legacy tasks he developed a fixation on grilled cheese…

The first thing he did was build over the house. The family had been living in the previous house for many years and it had been renovated so many time he decided it was time to start afresh.

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Then he got a job at Fit for Life, a company that catered to many sporting needs. The owner of the company had kept a spot open for him because a legacy heir was a great boost for the company. He was able to start off as a dance team captain.

He started working out hard to get that body that everyone would envy. He pumped iron, went jogging and did laps in the pool.

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Partridge and Morgan were still an item. He always had thoughts of proposing to Morgan but sometimes when she came over the conversation would go sour.

“Look at you Ridge! You look nothing like a fitness guru. Aren’t you supposed to be all muscled down and stuff?”
“I know… I’ll get there.” He replied confidently.
“You better do so quick. Cuz right now you’re a bad example of fitness.” She turned up her nose in disgust.

4-1 (4)

Like her mother suspected Pressia and Sackarius had been doing more than sleeping in their shared bed. One day she found out she was pregnant. She was happy to be bringing a new life into the world but a little scared of her mother’s reaction.

4-1 (6)

She told Sackarius first and he was also worried about her mother’s reaction.

4-1 (7)

She decided to tell her when she started to show.

“Mum I’m pregnant.” she said nervously.
Kassandra sighed. “I thought this would happen eventually… How long have you known?”
“A while now…”
“I would have thought though that you guys would have gotten married by now… seeing that you share a bed and all…”
“I know… I’m sorry I disappointed you again.”

4-1 (8)

“I’m too old to wallow in disappointment Pressia. I’m not happy with how the situation turned out but what’s done is done. Now I just want you to focus on keeping yourself healthy so I can have a healthy grandchild.” She smiled.

Pressia was shocked that her mother took it so well. Maybe age calmed her down enough to not put up a fight.

That night the had a small celebration for Sackarius’ birthday. Kassie even baked the cake.

4-1 (9)

While all of this was going on, Pressia couldn’t help but think of her life. She had gone about things wrong when she was younger but now she was ready to do things the right way… it would make her mother happy. She decided to let Sackarius know it was time they got married.

4-1 (10)




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