The Reed Legacy 3.12- Another Chapter Closed


I had achieved so much. My dad would be really proud.

Pressia and I were able to work through our differences. She eventually told me how she felt like she would never be able to be heir growing up because her brother was better at almost everything.

3-12 (16)

She took up my offer to move back home so we built a little room for her and Sackarius near the pool. I also gave her the “WhooHoo talk” because I assumed she and Sackarius were probably going at it in the back there.  I really would have preferred her to get married like I did before doing all of that but at least she’s home.

3-12 (10)3-12 (14)

Toby died unexpectedly one day… well I should have expected it because he was tired all the time and getting slower as the days went by. At least he had a full life before his time came.

3-12 (13)

And I’ve noticed Partridge getting close to Morgan… I mean he usually has girls interested in him but I’ve realized he pays special attention to her.

3-12 (6)3-12 (2)3-12 (17)

He also put on some weight sitting around waiting for me to finish my legacy task. He’ll drop it off once he starts exercising for his part of the legacy though.

I was the best chef in Newcrest. I had reached the max level in my cooking and Gourmet Cooking.

3-12 (3)

I was a bestselling author and I finally reached the top level in my career as an author so I could finally build the library. It took forever but now I have to hand over the mantle to my son so I sat him down and gave him the legacy journal so he could document his part of the legacy.

3-12 (18)

I’m sure he’ll do wonderfully.

3-12 (19)


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