The Reed Legacy 3.11- Lunch


We had a nice birthday party for Partridge and me. Mum baked cakes for us. It was really good.

3-11 (1)

At aunt Raelyn’s wedding I promised mum that I would introduce them to Sackarius. It was better now that I was an adult so even if my parents didn’t approve, legally they had no say in what I did.

We had lunch together in the park cooked by mother of course. She’s the best gourmet chef in Newcrest.

3-11 (2)

“Mum, Dad, meet Sackarius.” I said as we sat on one of the park benches.
“Nice to meet you.” Dad said. “So tell us about yourself.”

3-11 (3)

“I’m an artist. I currently work at 101 Studios doing graphic work for them but I also do my own work some of which I sell. I can show you some my work sometime.
“Very nice. I myself have dabbled in some art but not much. Pressia always loved art.”Dad replied

We had a great meal and conversation flowed nicely. Sackarius made sure to compliment mum on her cooking and on raising me into such a wonderful individual. I’m sure she would beg to differ on that one.

3-11 (4)

We also told my parents that we were thinking of moving in together since I was legal now. Then mother asked. “Why don’t you two move in by us? I’m sure we can renovate and accommodate you.”

Dad was just surprised as I was.

I laughed lightly. “Mother I don’t think—”
“It will be great. You don’t have to answer now but think about it.” she smiled but I could tell it was forced. I felt like she was up to something. Especially since I knew she didn’t like Sackarius’ look.

Afterwards dad showed Sackarius around the park and they got to know each other better over drinks.

3-11 (6)
I was happy dad was being so good about the whole situation. I remember he had a tough time with Granddad so maybe that made  him more understanding and accepting.

Mum and I spent some time bonding.

3-11 (5)

“I have accepted that you have chosen your own path but I still would love to have you nearby. I want to be able to see you grow and blossom Presh.”
“Mum I think it would be better if I didn’t.”
“But think of all the home cooked meals. And —”

She was trying really hard and as much as I wanted to, I doubt Sackarius would want that. I would have to speak to him and see what he thought. It would be awesome to be near my family again especially since the legacy was off my my shoulders.

“Presh!” Mum shook my arms. “Are you even listening to me?”
“Of course I am. I’ll think about it.”

“Great!” Mother clapped excitedly.

I just dug myself a hole I didn’t know how to get out of.



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