The Reed Legacy 3.10- Why?

Seeing Pressia at Raelyn’s wedding had Kassandra overcome with emotion. She wanted to rush over to her, take her up in her arms and tell her how much she loved her…how much she missed her. But she didn’t. She kept her distance and tried to focus on Raelyn’s happy day.

Afterwards however, Pressia came up to her.
“Mum.” she whispered.
That was all it took for Kassandra. She felt like burden was lifted off her shoulders just by Pressia coming to talk to her.

3-10 (1)
She hugged her relishing the feeling of being close to her daughter once again.
“I’ve missed you so much.” Kassandra whispered
“I’ve missed you too mum.” Pressia replied.

They went over to a table and sat. Kassandra had a ton of questions but she thought it would be better to keep it light. “How have you been?”

3-10 (5)

Pressia chuckled. “I’m surviving. But I’m sure you have more burning questions than that mum.”
“Of course I do… but I’m sure you will tell me in your own time.” she forced a weak smile.

Pressia took a deep breath then began. “The whole legacy thing was too much for me. I couldn’t handle it anymore.”
“But running away Pressia? Why didn’t you just say something?”

3-10 (4)

“Because you were so excited! I didn’t want to pop your bubble or anything.” she said quietly.
Kassandra’s blood began to boil. That was the dumbest reason she had ever heard. Something else had to be going on. She kept her voice calm and continued.

3-10 (3)

“Presh hunnie, you wouldn’t have popped my bubble. If you didn’t want to be heir I would have understood. I mean it isn’t for everyone and I get that. You running away without saying anything is what I don’t understand.”
“It was for the best.” Pressia said looking away.
Kassie was losing her patience.

3-10 (6)

“Why Presh? I just don’t understand.”
“I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”
Kassandra sighed. She would let it go…for now.
“So are you coming home?” She asked.
“No. I have a life in Willow Creek now. I’ve made new friends…friends who don’t care that I come from a legacy family. And  I met someone…” she looked st her phone to avoid her mother’s eyes.

3-10 (2)

Kassandra’s heart skipped a beat. “Someone?”
“Yes a guy… I hope you can meet him soon.” Pressia said hesitantly.
“Ahh I see.” Kassadra paused.

“Well… at least pass home for your birthday… It’s soon. We’ll have a big party. Maybe you can bring your someone
“Maybe I’ll come for the party… I sort of miss doing things with Partridge but I doubt I’ll bring him. Maybe we can have lunch the following day or something.”
“I would like that very much.” Kassandra said putting on a smile. Pressia was driving her nuts but she didn’t dare let it show.

Tobias and Partridge spotted their mother and sister and went over to join them.

3-10 (7)

“Look at us. We’re a family again.” Kassandra thought her heart aching. “If only Presh would just come home.”


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