The Reed Legacy 3.8- Gone

“Hey mum, dad, how was granite falls?” Partridge greeted his parents when they came back from their weekend getaway.

3-8 (1)

He listened to them tell him all about their trip all the while psyching himself up to tell them about his missing sister. When they were finished h dropped the bomb.

“Good to hear you guys had fun.” he said with a weak smile. “I have bad news though…

3-8 (2)

Pressia’s kinda um.. gone.”

“What?” Kassandra shouted. “What do you mean shes gone?”

3-8 (3)
“Well she didn’t come home yesterday and well she’s not answering her phone.”

“How could you let this happen Partridge?” Kassandra scolded
“It’s not my fault.” Partridge tried to defend himself.

3-8 (4)

“Ok Kassie let’s do this rationally. We need to call the police.” Tobias reasoned.
Kassandra and Partridge sat on the couch and Tobias

3-8 (5)

Not long after Officer Samuel arrived at their house to take a statement.

“There isn’t much to go but I will definitely try my best to help you guys out.” He told them after listening to their story.

3-8 (6)

Kassie felt helpless. Her daughter was missing and she felt like there was nothing she could do.

My baby is gone she thought, tears welling up in her eyes. And she said a silent prayer that the police would be successful in finding Pressia.

3-8 (9)

Late one night Partridge received a text from Pressia.

3-8 (8)

Hey. It’s me. Tell mum and dad I’m okay. Don’t come looking for me. The legacy stuff was too much for me to handle.
Love P.

He sent her a reply.

Pressia! You need to come back! Forget the legacy. We can work through whatever you’re going through together!

He waited almost all night but she never responded. He decided to tell his parents the next morning. It was a little over a week since she had been gone there was still worry in the air but life had to go on especially for Kassandra who had to finish her legacy tasks.

“Pressia messaged me last night.” Partridge told his parents over breakfast.
“Oh my gosh I scared her away! We need to go find her.” Kassandra

3-8 (11)
“I think its better if we don’t push. She will come back when she’s good and ready.” Tobias said.
Partridge agreed, nodding his head.” Dad is right.

“Y’all are unbelievable!” Kassandra said throwing up her hands. “She’s so close. We can get the police to trace the text or something.”

3-8 (12)
“Kassie hunnie. I have a bad feeling about that idea. I think if we try something like that it would end badly. Just trust me on this one.”

Kassandra thought about it for a while. “Fine.” she conceded. “Can you tell her we love her. and be safe?”

3-8 (13)

“I will mum.” Partridge replied.
And he did just that.





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