The Reed Legacy 3.7- Sackarius


I was planning this a while now and finally things worked in my favour. Mum and dad were in granite falls and Partridge was out…probably with Morgan and Alec.

I pulled out the bag I packed from under my bed and called a taxi in to take me to Willow Creek. Finally I was getting away from Newcrest and all the bloody legacy crap. I really was tired of it.

Some months ago I met a friend on a chat room and he told old me all about Willow Creek and honestly it intrigued me. Plus it was a chance to get away from my family. When I told him I might be interested in moving there he gave me options for apartments in the area.

I ended up choosing a house that was previously a museum. It was converted into a shared house which wasn’t too bad.

3-7 (2)


3-7 (1)

Upstairs: Bedrooms with bathrooms and some sitting areas

I had my own bedroom and bathroom but we shared the kitchen, living room and dining room.

3-7 (3)

My art was my only form of income at the moment. From the pieces I sold I had enough to rent a room and I was also able to get a new easel and meditation stool since I left the old ones at home.

3-7 (4)

My housemates were pretty great too. They were all young adults who were just starting off their careers. Stefan, Ayden and Eva. They didn’t ask any questions about my family and how come I was alone as a teenager so I was very thankful for that.

3-7 (5)

The day after I settled in I had breakfast made by Stefan who is a great cook by the way.

3-7 (6)

Then met up with my chat room friend for the first time.We met at the library. I thought this was a pretty safe bet in case he turned out to be a psycho.

“Hi I’m Sackarius.” He said extending his arm.
“Pressia.” I replied and smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

3-7 (9)

His appearance had me on edge briefly but as we talked I realised that he seemed like a pretty okay guy. He was quite a bit older than me but we had so much in common. He was creative and gloomy and loved to eat! What a perfect match. I see this blossoming into a wonderful friendship.

3-7 (10)




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