The Reed Legacy 3.6- Freedom


We’re finally teens. It comes with more responsibilities but the freedom is definitely worth it.

3-6 (6)

I aged up to be self assured and I aspire to be the leader of the pack. I think I’ll be good at it because I already have a ton of followers.

3-6 (7)

Pressia on the other hand aged to be a glutton… who would have thought?

With puberty comes strange smells. We don’t mind though. Sometimes we do homework together…while smelly. It doesn’t bother either of us.

3-6 (1)

And this new place opened up in Magnolia Promenade so Pressia and I went to check it out. There are things for sale on the first floor and a small club on the second floor. We had a pretty good time. Met a few new people. Even bounced up uncle Camden.

3-6 (4)3-6 (5)

With our parents away at granite falls we used the time to throw some wicked parties at the house. Which made me realise I like to dance.

Pressia and I even put up and rented a cheap DJ booth and a bar. I wonder what the laws are about under-aged drinking in Newcrest? Oh well. I don’t have to worry because there’s no one here to catch us.

3-6 (12)

It was at one of these parties I noticed Morgan and how much she had changed since childhood. Her boobs had filled out nicely and her tush…oh my her tush. Should I be thinking of her like that? She’s my best friend…

3-6 (11)

Becoming teens changed things a bit between me and Pressia. Other than homework and partying we don’t do a lot of stuff together anymore. She spends a lot of time on the computer and whenever I walk in she switches the tabs.

When she’s not on the computer she’s meditating or painting. She was always creative when we were little and I’m glad she kept it up.

3-6 (2)

3-6 (8)

Then one day I came home from Morgan’s house and she wasn’t home. I thought she was out with a friend or something but when I woke up the next morning she wasn’t there and her bed was untouched. I tried calling her but her phone kept going straight to voicemail.

And to top it off our parents were coming home today and I couldn’t explain my missing sister so I did what anyone one else would do… I panicked.

3-6 (13)


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