The Reed Legacy 3.5- Weekend Retreat


Life is going so well now. I’m almost to the top of my career my children just celebrated their birthday and are officially teenagers.

Since they could pretty much take care of themselves Toby and I have decided to take a few days for ourselves in granite falls.

Everything is so peaceful here. Like even more peaceful than Newcrest. Must be the extra oxygen. Toby even told me he noticed my whispering had gone away completely. I was so happy about that because it was something I struggled with since I knew myself. Dad said usually when a child got the insane trait it manifested in different ways. There was a boy he heard about that heard voices and a girl that saw creatures… Anyway I’m happy that my own wasn’t too bad.

When I met Toby I was hopeful he would be the one I would grow old with and things worked out for us. We both worked hard and now we can reap the fruits of our labour.

We rented a cabin and hired a caterer so we didn’t have to worry about preparing our meals.

3-5 (1)

Then we went to the spa which was amazing. There was a sauna, a gym (which we didn’t use), and massages and they even carried out yoga classes.

3-5 (3)

It was funny to watch Toby attempt yoga.

3-5 (5)

And we took full advantage of the massages.

3-5 (4)3-5 (2)

We also spent a lot of time roasting marshmallows by the fire.

3-5 (6)

And we played horseshoes. Toby beat me most of the time.

3-5 (7)



2 thoughts on “The Reed Legacy 3.5- Weekend Retreat

  1. peaoorko says:

    Hahaha, it’s always great to have a gym you don’t use 😀

    I’m glad they got some well-deserved rest and that Kassie didn’t start a fire! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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