The Reed Legacy 3.4- Partridge & Pressia


Being a legacy child is so amazing! I’m getting all this attention at school. The teachers love me and the children love me. Oh and they love Pressia too but she’s so gloomy all the time so sometimes people stay away from her. But we still have lots of friends. Some we met at school and some at the community play area.

3 4 (1)

Our best friends are Alec and Morgan a twin just like us!

3 4 (6)

I wish I could make her happy all the time like me but the gloominess is just part of her personality. Drawing seems to make her happy though.

It would be so cool if we could both be heirs. I think we would make a great team. But I guess the legacy rules don’t allow it.

In the mean time I’ll just work on as many skills as I can in case mum chooses me.


I wish everyone would just stop going on about this stupid legacy and this stupid heir stuff. I get why it’s important but I wish everyone would stop making it such a big deal. They’re constantly talking about it at home and even at school the kids flock around my brother and me because we’re legacy children.

All except Alec and Morgan. I think they like us because they’re twins as well. They recently moved in to a house down the street from us and sometimes they come play at our house.

3 4 (5)

Mum is pretty close to finishing her legacy tasks I think. So maybe that’s why she’s so excited about preparing me and Partridge. My brother being the good child that he is only wants to please our parents and make them proud. Mum hasn’t chosen the heir yet but I have a feeling she will chose Partridge.

Thing is he’s better at everything. He does great in school and finishes his homework in record time. He plays violin, chess and he really good on the monkey bars too and he even beats me in don’t wake the llama.

3 4 (2)

Me on the other hand all I can do is draw silly pictures and I doubt that is needed to be the next heir.

3 4 (3)



4 thoughts on “The Reed Legacy 3.4- Partridge & Pressia

  1. peaoorko says:

    Oh wow. I feel bad for Pressia, she’s so insecure. Hopefully Partridge will help her, he seems like a really good brother. I agree with him- I want both of them to be heirs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cement says:

    Aw, but Pressa, the silly pictures are cute 😭
    I hope their relationship continues being good as they get older. Joint heirs would be kinda nice, but I don’t know how that’d work, really. Would it be harder or easier to have two heirs? 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

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