The Reed Legacy 3.3- Legacy Lesson

Kassie remembered when her dad took the family to the park. So like a good heir she did the same.

She showed the children around and told them about their ancestors.

3 (2)

“This is where your great grand parents are buried. Remember I told you guys about grandma Gianna.”
“Yes.” They answered in unison.
“Well because she built the park she asked your granddad Levi to bury her grandpa Noah here.”
“So does that mean their ghosts come out in the night?” Pressia asked.
“There’s no such thing as ghosts Pressia!” Partridge told her.

Kassie laughed. He children couldn’t be more different. And they always argued with each other but she could tell that they still had a deep love for each other.

“Guys no arguing now. I’m trying to give you a legacy lesson here.”
“Sorry mum!” they said together.
“So eventually one of you will have to be heir. You guys need to make sure you do well in school and in your extra curricular activities so you’ll have a good start when we’re ready to choose.”
“Okay mum!” They said before running off to play.

3 (7)

Paartidge was pretty excited about being heir. He thought he might be given the title since he was born before his sister. He worked hard on his homework each day, sometimes asking his parents for help if he didn’t understand.

On hot days he would sit by the pool to do his homework.

3 (5)

“Partridge you’ll get you homework wet!” Pressia warned.
“Pressia you stink! Go take a shower.”
“You’re being mean!” Pressia said stomping off.

Pressia also worked hard because she knew she could be the heir as well. She wasn’t as smart as her brother so she had to put in twice the effort. Sometimes when they did homework together he would help her.

3 (6)

“Thanks for helping me out Partridge.” Pressia said giving him a hug.

3 (3)

Kassie wanted to make sure her children knew their family so every now and then she threw a little get together at her home.

“Wow sis! You look great. Life and four children definitely took a toll on me.” Damien pointed to his hair.

3 (8)
She laughed. “Thanks Damien. Grey hair suits you though… you look a lot like Daddy.”
“Elissa tells me the same thing! So how are things with the  legacy?”
“Going pretty good so far. I completed my aspiration. I’m now a Bestselling Author.”
“That’s good to hear.” he smiled

These get togethers usually involved food that she cooked which everyone loved.

3 (9)

“Dad lets go play by the jungle gym.” Partridge asked his father.
“Sure Partridge. Go get your sister and we’ll go.”

3 (10)

Tobias loved to spend time with his children. While they improved their motor skill he improved his fitness.

3 (11)

“Dad are you seriously doing push ups?”
“Sure I am. You don’t get this amazing body by just lazing around.”

3 (12)

“I’m gonna get an amazing body dad. Look at how great I am!”
“Partridge you’re such a show off.” Pressia said.
“I’m not.” He countered. “Remember what mom said about being the best we can be.” “Yes but sometimes you need to just have fun.”

Meredith happened to be at the same community lot that day. Tobias heard she was pregnant but didn’t realise she was so huge. Of course he didn’t tell her this.

3 (13)

“Oh hi Meredith! When is the baby due?”
“Tobias! It’s been long!” she greeted. “The baby should be coming any day now.” She patted her stomach. “It’s about time. Don’t you think.”
Tobias just laughed.


One thought on “The Reed Legacy 3.3- Legacy Lesson

  1. peaoorko says:

    Aaaand I like gen. 4 children already for their wisdom.
    “Pressia you stink! Go take a shower.”
    “Yes but sometimes you need to just have fun.”

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