The Reed Legacy 3.2- Legacy Life


Taking care of twins is HARD!

3.2 (2)

By the time you get one to stop crying they other starts to cry. I love them dearly though. My family is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Kassie and I are definitely low on sleep. We work around the clock to provide for our family. Plus Kassie has her legacy to work on. Lately she’s been bummed because she’s working hard for a promotion that she can’t see to land. I tell her just keep at it.

3.2 (7)

Plus we have to balance chores in the house. Thinks are forever getting broken. Thankfully I’m a little on the handy side.

3.2 (1)

Kassie loves cooking so she doesn’t even think of it as a chore.

3.2 (3)

When our hectic schedule permits we try to have meals together. Since levelling her writing skill she’s been able to write poems and she sometimes uses me as a guinea pig for her poems. She does great work and I always enjoy listening.

3.2 (4)

But anyway children really don’t stay small for long! In no time Partridge and Pressia were grown up and going to school! 

3.2 (5)

Kassie finally Got promoted to Freelance Article Writer!She was pretty thrilled about it.

And even though we were so busy, when life permitted we had visits from the extended family.

Damien came to visit every now and then and sometime we would see his children on their way to school. They grew up pretty fast too! Look at Nina, she looks just like her mother.

3.2 (10)

We made sure we made time to bond with our kiddies. She loved to tell them about the strangled chicken… With lots of actions.

3.2 (6)

In the legacy department, Kassie completed one part of her aspiration which was to write five good books. I must say they were really good… I read some of them myself.

And even through the ups and downs. Kassie and I are still very much in love with each other.

3.2 (9)


4 thoughts on “The Reed Legacy 3.2- Legacy Life

  1. peaoorko says:

    It like Tobias’ voice. He speaks about his family with so much love, it’s endearing. I’m also happy Kassie is doing well with her writing. The bit with practising poems cracked me up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shin says:

      Lol yes! She’s quite animated when she recites her poetry.
      I’m happy with when she completes parts of her tasks because sometimes it’s hard.


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