The Reed Legacy 3.1- Eventful is an Understatement

It was Kassandra’s turn to contribute to the legacy. Her task was to build a library. and she aspired to be a Bestselling Author.

After the bithday excitement died down she got herself a job as a Writer. At the moment she was at level two and her work consisted of blogging about things going on in Newcrest. This mostly consisted of her brother’s babies or the biggest fish to be caught in the pond.

3.1 (16)

Since the talk with her father, things calmed down at home and Levi and Fernanda were being a lot more civil to Tobias. Her father had explained to her that he felt like Tobias stole his daughter away even though they still lived in the same house. To him she was still his baby girl especially since she was the only child that stayed to live with him. He admitted that there was no good reason for him to be unkind and he was sorry that he caused unhappiness for her.

She explained all of this to Toby one evening over dinner.

3.1 (1)

“And he said he’s responsible for Fernanda and Raylan acting out as well because they were just feeding off of him.” She told Tobias. “But of course you know dad has a bit of an ego. I doubt he will come say explain all of that to you.”

“Hmm.” Tobias chewed on his food. “I guess I understand where he’s coming from reacting that way was unnecessary.”
“Yes it was…” Kassandra sighed. “But at least things are better now. And to top it off drumroll please…. We’re having a baby!”
Tobias almost choked on his lobster. “A baby that’s absolutely amazing!”
“And guess what? Abigail is having a baby too. Isn’t that cool? Our children will grow up together.”
“It sure is!”

Abigail her good friend who frequented Newcrest, came over every now then and to lime*. She was a newly-wed and still floating in marital bliss.

3.1 (18)

“Oh my gosh Kassie! Who thought marriage would have been so amazing!”
“I know right? Toby and I are enjoying it to the max! Except of course with the whole daddy drama.”
“Oh yes! How has that been?”
“Well dad has calmed down a lot since I spoke to him. He and Fernanda are being cordial for the most part.”
“Phew! Well that’s a relief!”

Kassandra had shared the good news of her pregnancy with Raelyn who took some time off to come visit.

3.1 (2)

“Kassie! It’s so good to see you! And you’re huge! Look at you! I’m going to be an auntie again!” She squealed.
“I thought you would be accustomed after Damien’s million and one babies.” Kassandra laughed.
“Oh behave!” Raelyn chastised.”So how are things here? Are daddy and Fernanda behaving themselves now?”

“Well they’re treating Toby a lot better but…”

“Things are getting bad. Fernanda has taken up walking around nude.”3.1 (4)

“I tried to explain that she shouldn’t but she pays me no mind. I even suggested that she go she a doctor but she got really upset and stopped talking to me for days.”

3.1 (6)

“Daddy on the other hand doesn’t even seem to be bothered.He just gets excited and starts to make out with her! It’s quite unnerving.” Kassandra finished.

3.1 (7)

“Oh wow!”Raelyn gasped. “That does sound terrible!”

The next few weeks were hectic for the Reed household and Kassie could barely come up for air.

First Levi died quite unexpectedly. It was a shock for the family because he seemed to be healthy as can be.

3.1 (8)

“Tell Tobias I’m sorry.” he whispered as he fell to the floor and the life drained out of him.

3.1 (9)

Thankfully Kassie had her siblings to help her during that time with burial arrangements and all of that because her pregnancy was causing her to get tired really quickly.

Not long after this she went into labour. She had to have the baby at home because she couldn’t leave Newcrest to go to the hospital. Luckily Fernanda was there giving tips along the way (it was one of her better days). Toby was also right by her side through the whole thing.

3.1 (10)

Baby Partridge was welcomed to Newcrest. He was born a good baby and gave no trouble at all. Only after he was born they realized there was another baby. Everyone was surprised. Baby Pressia came into the world a gloomy baby, bawling her head off.

Kassie and Tobias got the babies settled into their bassinets only to find Fernanda’s lifeless body lying on the floor. Another shock for them because Fernanda didn’t seem ill- other than her walking around naked- so they attributed it to her grieving for Levi.

Meredith and Raylan were devastated when they heard about their mother especially as they did not get to visit her before she died. Once Fernanda’s remains were attended to Kassie and Tobias had some time to breathe and they decided it would be a good time to redecorate.

3.1 (12)

New bathroom

3.1 (13)

Master bedroom redone

3.1 (14)

Rooms for the twins

3.1 (15)

New study

Afterwards they sat down to reflect on the past few days.

3.1 (21)

“Well these few days have been eventful!” Tobias sighed.
Kassandra patted his knee. “Hunnie, eventful is an understatement!”


Baby names taken from the Pure trilogy by Julianna Baggott

*Lime- Trinidadian slang for hang out


6 thoughts on “The Reed Legacy 3.1- Eventful is an Understatement

  1. roelinkabek1989 says:

    Very good pictures of the naked lady. Do you have a mod or something that blocks out the.. Well i dont know how its called but you know what i mean.
    Even if you know it is coming it always come unexpected when your sims die. I always grieve a bit with them.
    And omg twins! Cant wait to see them growing up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. JordanFall says:

    Yes twins are always exciting!
    I have a mod to remove the pixels and some skin mods as well. Do you mean a mod to block out their private areas? The skins I have don’t have detail like nipples etc.


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