The Reed Legacy 2.9- Family Meeting

Levi called a family meeting now that Meredith and Raelyn had grown up. A lot of changes were going to be taking place in the household.


Meredith was going to study at Willow Creek Tech and hopefully become a scientist. Raelyn was moving to Windenberg. She was going to community college and pursue art.

Damien and Elissa were having another baby. This made Kassandra feel a little bad because everyone was moving on with life and she was stuck waiting on her father to finish his aspiration so that she could start her part in the legacy.

With the house emptying out Kassandra got a room for herself. So she redecorated and made it her own.


Things begin to look up when Tobias asked her out on a date.They learnt a lot about each other. Tobias was active and he loved the outdoors but he was also gloomy. She didn’t mind though.


He asked her to be his girlfriend and they had their first kiss.


She immediately called her dad  to come over to the park to introduce him to Tobias and tell him the good news.


That evening she called Raelyn to tell her the good news.


“Hey Rae! How is everything with you?”
“Kassie! Things are amazing here! I’m meeting so many new people and making so many friends!”
“Talking about friends.” Kassandra said. “I have a new bf!”
Raelyn squealed and Kassandra had to move the phone from her ear. “Tell me all about him!”
And Kassandra did.

Levi sat with Kassie for some father daughter time.


“So do you think Tobias is the one?. he asked her.
“I really hope so dad. I really like him.”
“Don’t worry Kassie I’m sure everything will work out.” He hugged her. “I wanted to tell you I’ve made enough money to build the third house so I’ll be starting that soon. My part of the legacy is almost done. I’m getting old!” He laughed.
“That’s great dad! And anyway you were old a long time ago.”

And he did.



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