The Reed Legacy 2.8- Graduation

Time flew when you’re having fun and Levi was really enjoying his large household. The transition from being a single father to having a mother figure for his children plus two step children. He was happy that everyone got along.

Damien’s baby was going to be born soon. Levi was going to become a granddad for the second time. He was getting closer to completing his aspiration. Bennett had grown up into a child and sometimes he would pass by on his way home from school.


Being jobless and not able to start her aspiration Kassanda spent a lot of time working on her cooking skill. She even bought books to help out.


Kassandra got invited to an elite club the “Private Club”. Of course her siblings were jealous. Not long after that she was convincing the leader to step down so that she could take over. Kassandra was convinced that she would do an awesome job. As leader she had to look the part so she got a makeover. “Why not look good if you’re the leader of an elite club?” she said to herself.


One day while fishing, she met a good looking guy named Tobias. For Kassandra it was love at first sight. She kept in contact with him sometimes he came to visit her when he was in the area.


She wasn’t sure but she hoped he liked her too. They did get quite close at times.


It was graduation night for Meredith and Raelyn. They both dolled up in their pretty gowns, ready for their night ahead.

“Can you believe we’re graduating already?” Meredith asked Raelyn. “I feel super old!”
“Oh behave Meredith!” Raelyn laughed.


Kassie came to greet the girls and see them off since their parents were not at home.

“See Kassie.” Raelyn told her sister. “All my hard work paid off. Now I look fabulous in my dress.”
“You would look fabulous either way Rae.” Kassandra replied.
“I agree.” Meredidth added with a laugh.


She hugged them both. “Enjoy your night guys.”
“Thanks!” They replied and left

Raelyn was becoming an adult. She and Meredith had a birthday party together with just  family members.



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