The Reed Legacy 2.7- Granddad

After Levi’s wedding, Fernanda and her two children, Meredith and Raylann ┬ámoved in.

Then it was time for Damien and Elissa’s wedding.



In all the “tra la la” everybody forgot about poor Kassie’s birthday. This made her sad for a few days but she didn’t let it keep her down.

She couldn’t start working on her aspiration until her dad had finished his, so she set about learning skills that would be useful in life. She aged up to be a genius and this was a great help to her. She focused on cooking gourmet meals which she was good at because she was a foodie and she tried her hand at gardening and fishing.

Meanwhile Damien and Elissa wasted no time getting their family started. Soon after the wedding they adopted a baby boy named Bennett. Not long after this, Elissa found out she was pregnant.

Levi, Kassandra and Raelyn went to visit when they heard the news.


“I’m so proud of you son!” Levi beamed. I’m a grandfather. Levi was particularly excited because he aspired to have four grandchildren and be good friends with them.

“So are you ready to be a mum again?” Raelyn asked.”I mean it’s so soon after. Won’t it be hectic with two screaming bundles of joy?”
Elissa laughed. “Maybe. But at my age I better do all my baby making as soon as possible.”

They all laughed.


Raelyn was swimming in the pool and Kassandra went out to join her. “Hey Rae! What’s up?”
“I’m trying to lose weight Kassie.” She said in between pants.
“Why? You look great just the way you are.”
“Puh-lease Kass! You can say that cuz you’re all skinny and stuff.” Pant, pant. “Grad is coming up and I don’t want to be remembered as ‘chubbs’.” Pant, pant. “I bought a treadmill too… well at least I convinced dad to buy it. You can use it too.” She said panting away.
Kassandra sighed. “I wish you all the best Rae.Try not to pull a muscle.” she thought of what had happened to their mother.
“I hope this doesn’t go bad” she whispered to herself as she left.




One thought on “The Reed Legacy 2.7- Granddad

  1. Emily Anne says:

    That last part seemed pretty serious… I hope that Rae is going to okay and realizes that she is beautiful just the way she is!!

    And my, my! Babies galore. So excited for the family.


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