The Reed Legacy 2.5- Heir Talk

Levi, now that his children were grown had started looking for new love. He was a part of the club “Avant Gardes and they recently had two new ladies join and he found them both attractive.

He was very flirty with both of them but Fernanda was more receptive to his advances.


He kissed her during a club Meeting and the club members cheered them on. He thought to himself that this must be a sign.


He called up his good friend Richard  who was now married to tell him about the recent developments in his love life.


“I really want to get married again…I think it’s what Aurora would have wanted.” And the are these two ladies in Avant Gardes who I like but I’m leaning more toward Fernanda.

“Well I can tell you this. Follow your heart.” Roderick replied. “Just don’t be a player. Girls hate that.”

Levi laughed. “I’ll remember that”

Levi and his children sat around the table at dinner. He thought this was the perfect time to have the “Heir Talk”. With his parents it was easy because he was an only child but for him, he had to choose a child without making the rest of them feel bad.

“So kids I’m almost an elder. Soon I’ll be choosing an heir. 
Y’all are going going to be adults soon I would like each of you to tell me why you should be heir.”

“Well honestly dad… I don’t want it.” Damien said confidently.
Levi’s eyes widened in surprise. “Why not?”
“I want to spread my wings and fly. I don’t want the burden of making sure the town turns out right.”
Levi was stunned. Little did he know his son had a secret and that was the reason he didn’t want to be heir.
“Me either!” Raelyn blurted not waiting on her turn.
Levi rubbed his temples. “Where did I go wrong?” He thought to himself.
“I want to move to Windenburg, it’s such a romantic city… If the internet is anything to go by… of course I’ll come back to visit every now and then.” she smiled.


Levi was stumped. He didn’t know what to think but he wasn’t one to hamper the dreams of his children. He looked at Kassandra expectantly hoping she wouldn’t disappoint.

“Daddy…” she said in a soft voice. “I would love to be your heir. I’ll be a great writer just like you and I’ll build a fabulous library and both of our books can be in it.” she raised her fork excitedly. “I would make you really proud.” Then whispered to herself “It would be awesome.”


“Well that’s settled then!” Levi was happy at least one of his children was interested in carrying on the legacy. “Kassie you’re my heir.” He smiled broadly but secretly wondered if Kassie with her insane trait would be able to run the town. It wasn’t like he had a choice.

Levi’s life was going pretty good.He and Fernanda went on a few dates well and one time he worked up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend. Of course she said yes.


“Fernanda, in the short space of time we’ve known each other for years self though my time left may be short I would still love to spend it with you.”

He got down on one knee.

“Will you marry me?”


Damien aged up to be an ambitious young man.


The day after he came home with Elissa who was a few years older than him. He found his father sitting on the couch and introduced Elissa.

Then he said “Dad I have great news! I’m engaged!”


If it wasn’t for the melanin in Levi’s skin it would have been as red as a tomato. “What?” He shouted. “I didn’t even know you were dating! And how old is she anyway? She’s old enough to be your mother!”

Elissa actually thought this was funny but kept her mouth shut.

“I knew this would happen. That’s why had to keep it a secret. And she’s not that much older. You’re exaggerating!”

“This is unacceptable young man this is not how I raised you. I can’t even bear to look at you right now.” Levi said and stomped off.

After some time had passed and Levi had cooled off he realised he had overreacted and went to apologise to Damien.

“I want to apologise son. The way I acted was wrong.”
“It’s okay dad. I kinda expected that reaction. I was pretty much ready to move out once I told you.” Damien told him.
Levi felt ashamed of himself. “To show I mean it I want to build a house for you and Elissa to move into when you get married.”
“Oh wow dad! That’s amazing!”
Levi smiled. “Come give you father a hug.”


Levi called a family meeting over a game of ‘Don’t Wake the Llama’.

“Hear ye, hear ye. We have a lot to discuss. First up. I proposed to Fernanda and she accepted.”


“That’s awesome dad!” Kassandra smiled.
“Yeah you got your groove back!” Damien joked.
“Next up. Damien and Elissa are getting married.”
“What?” Both girls exclaimed.
“She so old though.” Raelyn screwed up her face.
“Shut up you guys. We’re in love.” Damien said in defence.
Raelyn just scoffed and continued to play the game.
“Calm down everybody. So Fernanda and her children will be moving in and Damien will be moving out.”
“Where will he go though? There aren’t any houses in Newcrest.” Raelyn asked.
“I’ll be building him one.” Levi explained. It’s part of my task for my generation anyway.”
“Ohhh!” the girls answered.

“So now that we’re on the same page this family meeting is adjourned.”




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