The Reed Legacy 2.4- Teens Teens Teens

It was Damien’s birthday. 2-4-22-4-3

He boldly steped up to the cake, blew out the candles and became an active teen who wanted to be a painter extraordinaire.

“Can you guys believe I’m a teen now?  I got muscles! That’s so awesome!” He boasted to his father and sister.


Kassandra worked tirelessly by her art table and soon she was able to draw people. Being an insane sim she often spoke to herself while drawing.


Sometims Raelyn would keep her company while she worked.


“You can practice by drawing me Kassie!” she said striking a pose.

When they weren’t being artsy they battled voidcritters at the battlestation.


“Boom! I win!” Raelyn cheered.
“I’ll get you next time!” Kassandra promised.

Soon it was Kassandra’s birthday.

“Happy birthday Kassie. I hope you enjoy teenagerhood.” Raelyn said hugging her.
“You’ll be there soon. Don’t worry.” Kassandra replied.


“Soon you’ll  be a teen just like me.” Damien told her giving her a hug as well.


Her father was quite impressed with the cake he had made. “You’ve really outdone yourself this time Levi.” He thought to himself.

She aged up, twirling in with style  and turned out to be a foodie, wanting to become a master chef in her teen years.



She wasted no time learning to cook and improving her cooking skill. Soon she completed the first part of her aspiration and had cooked five excellent meals while inspired.


Levi was moving up in his career and was able to write fantasy, children’s, short stories screenplays and poetry. He was now at level 5 in his writing career and working his butt off for a promotion.


Damien had picked up painting. He wasn’t too bad at it either.


He was a ladies man, often inviting girls over to the house to chill in the pool


“You’re so pretty. I wanna be just like you when I grow up.” Raelyn told Kassandra one day.
“I’m sure you’ll be even prettier than me.” Kassandra replied hugging her.


Their father often spoke about the importance of family and so sometimes they came together for “sibling time” just to check in with each other. Damien and Kassandra regaled the tales of high school while Raelyn listened in awe.


Raelyn picked up dumpster diving for toys. She though this was better than asking her father for new toys all the time.


It wasn’t very rewarding so she quickly gave it up.

School was going well for them and they made alot of friends. Kassandra met Lizette and they became BFFs. They had many things in common even their swimsuits matched.


Damien met Yaretzi and was instantly bedazzled by her pink hair. Little did he know she was a klepto and was stealing stuff from their house.


Raelyn got a pink cake like  her sister’s for her birthday. They sang happy birthday for her quite lustily especially her father.


She aged up to be a kleptomaniac with the serial romantic aspiration.


And just like that Levi’s big happy family was now a big happy family of teenagers.





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