The Reed Legacy 2.3- Field Trip

Playdates were a thing in the Reed household. Almost every day the children brought a friend home. They would watch movies or play with their toys.


One night tragedy struck. Aurora was taking a relaxing swim when she pulled a muscle and could not get out the pool.

2-3-4She screamed for Levi but when he came running it was already too late. The Grim reaper was already there to take her soul.2-3-5

Poor Damien was so heartbroken couldn’t even look at the reaping.


Levi was left to raise his three children alone but he promised he would do a great job.


Little Raelyn seemed to sense that her mother was gone too because she cried often.Levi tried not to get too frustrated even though things were a bit much at times.


The children were also really sad about their mother’s passing.


“Why did mum have to die?” Damien asked his sister.


“I don’t know. It really sucks!” Kassandra replied.

It was a lot to balance his job and children but they made it to Raelyn’s birthday. She grew up to be an art lover. She aspired to be a social butterfly just like her brother.


The children enjoyed each other’s company and would spend time doing different activities like playing chess.


“Alright guys, tomorrow is Raelyn’s first day of grade school. Make sure you take good care of her.” Levi told his children at dinner.


“Of course we will daddy!” Kassandra said happily munching on her bread.

Levi was determined to make the first day of school awesome so he woke up early to make breakfast. This didn’t go too well as he set the stove and himself on fire.


He was able to put out the fire thankfully because the children could not have gone through the loss of another parent.


Meanwhile Levi was doing well with his aspiration. He had befriended all three of his children. He decided to take them on a field trip to the park.


“So this is the park your grandmother built.” He told them as the sat at one of the tables on the terrace.
“She actually lived here with your grandfather in a small house which was broken down to build the park once her task of evolving eight perfect plants was accomplished. The plants are still growing happily here in the garden.”

He took them cloudgazing by the play area, then they played pirate. “Arghh. I am captain of this ship!” Raelyn giggled.


“And here is their memorial. They were really good people. Your grandmother worked hard to do her part in our legacy. I have to do my part and soon one of you will take over.” He explained.


“What do you have to do dad?” Kassandra asked.

“Well I have to build affordable houses. As soon as I complete my aspiration I’ll do just that.” he answered.

“And what about us?” Damien inquired.


“Well your task will be to build a library.”
“And how will you choose and heir? Will  you pick your favourite?” Raelyn asked him.
He laughed. “I have no favourites Raelyn. It depends on who is best suited for the job.”

“Ok we understand!” They answered together.

And they went home that evening with a new understanding of their purpose in life each of them thinking of what it would be like to be heir.



7 thoughts on “The Reed Legacy 2.3- Field Trip

  1. peaoorko says:

    Oh my. Was Aurora’s death deliberate on your part or an accident? Also, this is one really flamable family. I’d say no more birthday candles for them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shin says:

      She had a glitch that prevented her from aging so I let her swim and swim and swim and she drowned.
      I’m not sure if that’s allowed but she isn’t part of the actual family line so I went ahead anyways.


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