The Reed Legacy 2.2- Babies, Babies, Babies

The newlyweds converted Gianna’s room into a game room for their future kids.


Little did they know the future was sooner than they thought.


“Levi… I’m pregnant!” Aurora blurted excitedly.


“Oh wow! That’s awesome!” Levi grinned widely. “I’m gonna be a dad!”

Even after marriage Levi and Roderick remained great friends. Sometimes he would come over to watch movies.


And he was just as excited as Levi for the arrival of the baby.


“I’m gonna be a godfather!” he said.

Finally the baby was born. Newcrest welcomes baby Damien.


Not long after Damien was born Aurora found out she was pregnant again. They were pretty excited about this especially with Levi having the big happy family aspiration.


Levi’s writing got better and better as he spent more and more time writing books. He was able to write books for children, fiction books and if he was energized he could write workout guides.


Soon, Aurora gave birth to a baby girl and they named her Kassandra.


They were a big happy family.

Time flew by and it was Damien’s birthday. He aged up to be outgoing like his father with the social butterfly aspiration. The first thing he did was go to visit his little sister. He looked at her with scorn.(He got the “Unwanted Sibling” moodlet.)


“Babies are icky!” he said

This feeling was short lived though and he eventually grew to like her. He would often visit her crib and talk and play with her.


“Hey there little Kassie!” he grinned

He was a curious little boy and he would experiment at the science table his parents got for him. Once he almost burnt the entire house down.


Luckily, Levi was brave enough to put it out.


Levi believed in spending time with his children and he often read books (that he wrote) to Damien.


“Dad what are you doing? Maybe you should stick to just reading and not acting out the story.” Damien grimaced.

When Kassandra aged up she turned out to be insane. She would often see the monster under the bed. She tried telling it to go away but it didn’t work.


She woke her parents in the middle of the night to spray it.


“There’s no monster Kassie. Go back to sleep.” They would tell her.


But it seems like Kassie wasn’t joking about the monster because there was one under Damien’s bed too!


“Oh my gosh Damien! What are we gonna do?” Kassandra asked panicking.
“Let’s go tell mum. She might be able to help.” he replied getting up from peeking under the bed.

Aurora came over with her nifty monster spray and took care of that monster for them.


Because of this ordeal Damien and Kassandra became really good friends.2-2-46

They always invited friends over for homework/play dates.


Obviously more playing than homeworking took place.

They were not expecting it but Aurora found out she was pregnant again.


“Oh dear Levi… I know you wanted a big family but do we have the space or the money for another child?” Aurora asked worried.

” I know things are a little tight but don’t worry hun we’ll be fine.” He reasoned. Inside he was still happy to welcome another baby.

Aurora’s brother Jalen often came over to visit. He was happy to become an uncle for the third time and loved feeling the baby kick.


“This is sooo cool Aurora!” He said in awe.
She laughed. “Jalen you say that every time.”

Levi was so busy with all his book writing and other duties that he didn’t realise how soon his birthday was.

While preparing food for the birthday celebration, the stove blew up but luckily Levi was nearby with his trusty fire extinguisher.The kitchen would survive another day.


His wife had a small gathering to celebrate. He happily aged to an adult.


And with all the excitement the baby wanted out so that same night Aurora gave birth to baby Raelyn.

2.2 (55).png

They were truly one big happy family.


6 thoughts on “The Reed Legacy 2.2- Babies, Babies, Babies

  1. roelinkabek1989 says:

    Oh the good times when we did not have to take care of toddlers. 3 das baby then child. I’m doing this challenge with the new update. 1 toddler and then ofcourse… Triplets! Exited at first but now i’m trying not to strangle the baby’s. Pfff. Oh wel. I have first pick now for the next gen! Good work on this story btw. I tried it once.. Took to much time. Maybe with my legacy challenge..

    Liked by 1 person

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