The Reed Legacy 2.1- Beginnings and Endings

Narrated by Levi

It was my turn. My turn to add to the legacy started by my mother to build Newcrest. I hope I can do it as best as possible and make my parents proud. `

I got a job as a writer since I needed money to build the houses. It was going well. The first few books I wrote weren’t too good but I got better with time and eventually I was able to self publish books.

I also took up baking as a hobby but I wasn’t very good at it either. Maybe in time I’ll get better.


One day I got home from work and saw my mother falling to the ground. I couldn’t believe it. The Grim Reaper appeared and came to take her away but mum couldn’t leave yet. Dad had died a short while ago and I was still recovering. I don’t think I could have handled the loss of another parent so soon.


I begged the Reaper to let her have some more time.


Luckily he was in a good mood that day and he said yes. He brought mum back to life!


I decided to get a move on with my life since I didn’t know how long mum had again. I wanted her to be there for my wedding and other important events in my life.

I’m not a very romantic sim but since I laid eyes on Aurora I knew we were meant to be. She didn’t pay much attention to me in the beginning but eventually I was able to sweep her off her feet.

When I proposed she wasn’t expecting it but she said yes. That made me one happy sim!


I couldn’t afford an overly expensive ring but Aurora didn’t mind. She was just happy to be engaged.


We decided to have the wedding as soon as possible in case Grim decided to put in another appearance.

The wedding was held in Reed Heritage Park, the only wedding venue available to us.

As soon as we arrived I heard mum groan. I ran over and met her lifeless body on the sidewalk.


This can’t be happening. I thought. “Grim what is wrong with you?” I shouted. “First dad before my birthday now mum on my wedding? You have got to be kidding me! Have some consideration!” I was just about livid.

“Fine, but this is her last chance.” He conceded. “Enjoy your wedding.”


He brought her back to life and left.

I ran over to mum and pulled her in for a warm hug.


She told me that the next time Grim came to just let her go. That she had lived a long full life and she was ready to go meet dad. I promised I would do just that.

The wedding went well. We exchanged vows under the same arch that my parents did.


.And after the ceremony we had yummy cake, made by mum of course!



We went to granite falls for our honeymoon and we both got makeovers while we were there. We did a lot of whoohooing…


…and the rest of the time we spent at the spa.

We got couples massages.


And worked out together.


Then to soothe our muscle we went to the sauna and since we had it all to ourselves….


We took full advantage of it.


While on our honeymoon mum did some modifications to our house. We came home and met it remodeled to suit our soon to be expanding family.


We went inside to see the renovations and discovered mum lying on the bathroom floor.


I was devastated of course. But this time I let Grim do his job and take mum to meet dad. Mum had accepted that it was her time so I had to as well.


Before leaving, Grim told me that mum wanted me to bury her ashes along with dad’s own in the park that she built.


So I did just that. The next morning Aurora and I went to the park and buried my parents together near the wishing well.


Aurora tried to console me. “You’ll be ok Levi. They have given you a strong foundation. I know you’ll make them proud.”


I think she was right.



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