The Reed Legacy 1.11-“A” student

Levi met lots of girls in school and being as outgoing as he was he invited some of them home after school.


He took special interest in Aurora though.
She refused all his advances but that didn’t phase him. He tried different angles to in an attempt to get her interested.

He did things that she liked such as visiting the park to play in the fountain.


He even got her in the hot tub. He attempted to flirt with her but she wasn’t having it. Poor Levi.


They went stargazing.


And they watched movies together.


But finally she gave him her number and of course he had to brag to his best friend Roderick.


“Hey man you wouldn’t believe whose number I got!” He boasted. “Aurora!”
“Conservative Aurora who turns you down all the time?” Roderick asked.
“Yeah man. That’s the one.”

And he eventually mustered up the courage to ask her on a date. She accepted and they went to Reed Heritage Park.

Things were going well on this early morning date. They gave each other massages.


Then Levi took her over to the arch where his parents got married.


All the talk about love and marriage led to…


What a great end to the date.

The next day Levi came home with a grade “A”. He was overjoyed as he shared with his mother.
“That’s great Levi. You’re really making me proud.” She said happily.
“Thanks mum.” He replied hugging her.


“It’s almost your birthday Levi. Have you thought about what career you would like to go into once you become an adult?” She asked him.

“I have actually. I’ve decided to be a writer. You see since you gave me the journal I’ve been thinking of ways to capture my part of the legacy and make it awesome.” he told her.


“I also looked at the plans for the city and I see that I have to build some affordable homes. I think that’s a great idea so that we can have more people moving to Newcrest so I’ll start working on that as soon as I’m out of school.”

Dina burst into the house one day.
“Gianna Gianna! Guess what?” Dina squealed
Gianna took a look at Dina’s baby bump
“Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Is it a boy or a girl?” Gianna asked patting Dina’s tummy.


“We don’t know yet. We decided to let it be a surprise.” Dina explained.
“Well I’m sure whatever it is you’ll be happy and you’ll be a great mom.” Gianna said with a smile.

Noah came home from work one day and found out it was his time to say goodbye to this life. The Grim Reaper came walking down the street to meet him.


Gianna could not handle it. She pleaded with the Grim Reaper to bring her husband back to life. She was convinced it wasn’t his time yet.


Thankfully the Reaper felt sorry for her and brought Noah back to life.


They wasted no time and immediately went to woohoo.


Levi, knowing that he was almost an adult decided to ask Aurora to go steady. She said yes and they exchanged promise rings. How cute.


But not everything is roses and candy.That very morning when Levi returned home his father kicked the bucket…again.


“No Grim how could you do this?” Gianna wailed.


“Grim please don’t take my dad. Tomorrow is my birthday.” Levi begged.


“Too bad. I have my quota to fill.” Grim said walking away leaving the family to mourn the loss of their loved one.

Gianna was really affected by Noah’s death and she visited the urn many times to cry over it.


But the next day was Levi’s birthday and Gianna wanted to make it the best that she could for her son. She dried up her eyes, put on a smile and made her signature cake which everyone loved.


The party was so good that even Noah came to visit. This made the family even happier.


Levi was able to age up with both of his parents there. He became a bookworm.

It was now time for him to take over the legacy and start generation 2.

Author’s note: Dina gave birth to a twin, boy and girl.


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