The Reed Legacy 1.10- Moving In

The Reed family was finally able to move into their new house. When they did Gianna got a whim to buy a hot tub so they did just that.


After the move it was Levi’s birthday. He had a party with his friends. His grandparents even passed by.


Levi only had male friends though because as you know girls have cooties.

Finally it was candle blowing time. Gianna may have had a bit too much juice. She sang quite loudly and lustily.


Levi aged up to be a outgoing sim with the big happy family aspiration that he had to wait until he became an adult to work on.


The first thing did Levi did after aging up was get a stylish hairstyle.

“Gone are the days of mum and dad dressing me and combing my hair.” he thought.


“Hey random girl on the street! What do you think about my hair” he shouted running into the street.
“Get away from me you weirdo” she said.
“You’re just jealous you have lame pigtails in you hair.” Levi said pointing at her.

The next day was Noah’s birthday. He opted for a simple family get together with a zombie cake to celebrate.


“Ugh elder hood isn’t as easy as I thought.” he groaned

Gianna pulled him into a warm hug. “I still love you hunnie. Happy Birthday”


“Happy Birthday dad!” Levi told Noah as they sat down to eat.


“So son what uphold you like to be when you grow up?” Noah asked him

“Well I’m not quite sure yet. I’d just like to focus on getting my grades up for now.” Levi said stuffing some food in his mouth.
“I’m a little nervous for school though. Do you there will be lots of pretty girls there?”

“Sure there will be.” Noah laughed. “And being as good looking as you are you should have no trouble finding a nice girl for you.”

Gianna came home that night with a promotion to pastry chef. She had forgotten her birthday was the next day. Luckily Noah’s and Levi planned a little get together with her old friends at the park.


Seems like lots of kisses were taking place at this party.

They even brought along a poorly made cake that they made together.


She twirled into elderhood fabulously and even retained her red hair.


After the party Gianna had a talk with her son.
She explained to him the task for his generation which was to build affordable homes so people could start moving in to Newcrest.


“You know how old age goes. Anything can happen anytime now.” She explained.
“I’m handing over the build Newcrest journal to you. Make sure you document the progress of the town as it grows. Remember this is our history…our legacy.”
“Yes mum. I’ll remember” He took the book and put it away safely.

Gianna and Dina remained good friends and Dina spent many of her days at Gianna house in the pool.


“Gi Gi it’s time for you to start thinking about retirement.” Dina teased.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Dina. Look at this face! Does it look like I need to retire?” She laughed.

And of course because Gianna was all about family (and good food) many evenings they had dinner together.


After His first day of school Levi had a chat with dad while getting help with homework.


“How was your first day of high school son?” Noah asked
“It was awesome there were so many pretty girls.” Levi responded in awe.
His father laughed. “I told you so! Just be careful. Don’t run around breaking young girls hearts.”

Author’s note: The park looks a little different here because I updated after playing this part


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