The Reed Legacy 1.7- Perfect Plants

Time flew by and soon it was Levi’s birthday. To welcome him to big boy status they added more chairs to the dining table.


Levi grew up into an evil whiz kid, taking the evil trait from his father. That didn’t deter him from making friends though. He made many friends at school and played with them in the community jungle gym.


He also spent time with his father fishing in the nearby pond. He did a better job than Noah and caught more fish than he did.


“Dad! I caught a cichlid!” Levi shouted after catching his first fish.
“Good going son!” Noah said happily.

Gianna continued to progress in her career. She came home from work drained but happy because she got promoted to Mixiologist.


She was pretty happy about things right now. Her son was growing up well she had a happy marriage and her garden had superb, magnificent, pristine and even one perfect plant. She still had some work to do on this though because she was aiming to have eight perfect plants before she built her park.


One of the powerhouse members saw Noah jogging one day and nominated him to be in the club. Noah accepted the invitation and invited the club members to his house.

The extra exercise probably didn’t agree with Noah though because he got an allergic reaction and ended up spotted. The more he exercised the worse it got but that didn’t phase him.


Levi like his father had a habit of breaking down the castle. He would also knock down all the chess pieces when the game didn’t go his way.


“No need to be such a sore loser.” his friend said.
“Shut up! It’s my chess table. I have to win!” Levi shot back.

One day when Levi came home Gianna explained the importance of being the heir to the legacy. Levi listened intently.



He told her of his aspiration to be a whiz kid so to help him along she bought him a computer. He really loved it and spent hours at a time tapping away at his keyboard.


By this time Gianna was able to evolve another plant to perfect. She now had  3 perfect plants.


One day Levi came home from school begging for a science table because his friend Matias has one. His parents told him he would get one soon after they got their next paycheck. Levi was a bit unhappy with the decision and went to mope by the fire.


Finally Gianna  got a promotion to line cook and came home in a shiny new uniform.


The next day she bought Levi his science table. And he was super excited about it. He immediately went to test it out.


Though Levi was evil he kept on top of his homework and maxed out his skills.


“Mr. Frogg what do you think the answer to this one is? Twenty-five? Yeah that’s what I thought.”

His science table and playing chess really helped him along.


“I’m going to be the best whiz kid there ever was” He boasted to his friends.
“Good for you. I’m going to be the bestest rambunctious scamp” Matias countered.
“Whatever!” Levi replied.

And that happy day came when Gianna evolved her eighth perfect plant.


When this was completed Gianna decided she was ready to build her garden so she sat family down and explained.


“Guys I’ve finally completed the final task for my generation. I evolved 8 perfect plants. Now I can build the park” She told them.
“Ooohh does that mean we get to move into a new house?” Levi asked.


“Yes son, that’s exactly what it means” Noah replied.
“That’s awesome!” Levi said. “But there aren’t any other houses in Newcrest.”
“That’s right hunnie but we’ll build  our own.” Gianna smiled.










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