The Reed Legacy 1.6- Levi

After the bliss of the wedding it was back to business for the newlyweds. Gianna set about taking care of her plants.


Her cowplants finally grew up and she was pretty ecstatic about it!


She had fun playing with them.


And she thoroughly enjoyed feeding them their meat packages although sometimes she would end up covered in green slobber.


At times Gianna would get sentimental and take a moment to look at photos. She often wondered where the random gnome kept popping up from and what his presence meant.


Her lifetime aspiration was finally complete and she decided to throw a dinner party to celebrate (She loved throwing parties being outgoing and all). Noah thought this was a great time to introduce Gianna to his parents (Even though that was supposed to come before the wedding).


Herman pulled his son in for a hug. “Son! It’s so good to see you!”

And his mother did the same. “Hi hunnie! It’s been long!” She said, “We’re sorry we couldn’t make it to the wedding but we were just five countries away from travelling the world in 80 days.”


“It’s ok mom. I knew you would have come if you could.”He told her. “Let me find Gianna so you could meet her.”

However, before he could do this Gary got  wooed by the cowplant’s cake. “Mmm cake!” he said licking his lips and grabbing the cake.


He missed death this time though. The cowplant was unable to digest him and spat him back out. He toppled out covered in green slime.


Nobody seemed to care. They all carried on their conversations as usual.
“Mom, dad, I would like you to meet Gianna.” Noah said while stretching his back.
“Great to meet you!” Gianna said to them.


“So nice to finally meet you darling!” Kira replied “Oooh look cake!”she got excited and went over to the cowplant behind Gianna.


Luckily the plant didn’t find her tasty enough to eat.

The next day the couple shared a meal and spoke about the legacy. Gianna explained that she had one more challenge to complete before her generational task and that was to have 8 perfect plants. They also spoke about having s baby to be the heir for the legacy.


“Are you sure you’re ready to be a parent?” Noah asked
“Of course I am Noah. I mean.. I’m not getting any younger!” She replied laughing.

Noah wasn’t too sure about fatherhood and he spent a lot of his time fishing and milling over his thoughts.


They still whoohooed a few times anyways and Gianna got pregnant. She was elated!


So she shared the good news with Noah who didn’t look happy to hear it.


“Noah! I have great news! We’re expecting” she said happily.
Noah wasn’t happy about it. “What? So soon?” he groaned.

The baby excitement made Gianna neglect her cowplants and unfortunately they died.


Meanwhile Noah was still worried about becoming a father. He invited his mother over for a little chat.


“Hey mum.” he said sitting down. “Can you believe I’m gonna be a dad?”


“That’s great news hunnie! You’ll be a great dad” she said excitedly. “And I’ll be the most fabulous grandmother ever!”
Noah couldn’t help but laugh and his mothers excitement but he was still unsure about himself. “I sure hope you’re right Mum.” he sighed.

As Gianna moved along in her pregnancy Noah started to feel better about fatherhood. He was very excited to feel the baby kick and would spend time talking to Gianna’s stomach.


One morning Gianna came home with a smug look on her face. She finally got that promotion she had been eyeing.


She broke the news to Noah. “Hunnie! I’ve been promoted to caterer! Isn’t that wonderful?”
“It is!” He said happily. “You worked so hard for it too!”


And Dina being her best friend stopped by regularly as she neared her due date.


“Hey Dina! It’s almost that time!
“Ooohhh! I’m so excited for you! You’re going to have the most wonderful bouncing baby boy!” she squealed.
“No way! I’m sure it’s a girl.” Jordan replied.

The big day was finally here and since there was no hospital in Newcrest Gianna had the baby at home.


She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Welcome to the world Levi!


Noah was thrilled to be a father even after all that worrying.


And of course they had to upgrade their house to accommodate the new addition to their family.


Gianna had a few days off after Levi was born but when she went returned to work they were fortunate in that their work schedules allowed one parent to be home so no babysitter as needed.

Of course Dina came to visit as soon as she could.


“Gianna! He’s so adorable!” she cooed

In Gianna’s spare time she practiced making drinks to help get promoted faster while Noah helped her with Levi and helped with her plants in the garden.


Noah being an evil sim found joy in breaking down the toy castle they bought for Levi. Gianna would always make him fix it back though.


It was just his way of relieving stress I guess.

Now all Gianna had to do to complete her generational task was have 8 perfect plants and build the park.


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