The Reed Legacy 1.5- Wedding Day

Dina came over to visit and they began to have a conversation over a bonsai tree.


“Hey Gi!” she said with a broad smile on her face. “Remember that guy Gunther you set me up with?”
Gianna nodded.
“Well we’re together!” Dina finished.
“That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you.” Gianna replied.
“Thanks for setting us up.” Dina said giving Gianna a big hug.


“Thats what bffs are for.” Gianna said smiling.

After Dina left, Gianna was able to complete another part of her aspiration. She evolved 10 excellent plants. She also got some cowplant berries from plants she had grafted and planted them!


She felt quite proud of herself.

Gianna and Noah got closer and closer and their relationship blossomed. Sometimes they would meet up alone at her house and sometimes they would attend club gatherings together.


Noah was very attentive to her needs even giving her massages when her shoulders hurt.


“Noah…are you sure you should be doing this in front of the guests?” Gianna asked.
“Don’t worry about them hun. You just relax.” He said soothingly.

One night during a gathering Gianna decided that Noah definitely was the one. So she took him outside away from the crowd to speak to him.

“Noah remember I told you about me building Newcrest and all of that? Well, I’ve been thinking…I would love for you to be a part of it.” She told him getting down on one knee.


“I know this usually goes the other way but I really would like it if you…”


“Be my husband.” she said smiling.
Noah was shocked but he happily accepted.


“Whoa I totally wasn’t expecting this” He said. “Of course I’ll be your husband!”


Finally their wedding day was here! Gianna came down with a fever. She wasn’t sure if it was nerves or if she picked up a bug from somewhere. She didn’t let it get her down though because this was the day she had been waiting for since forever.


“Oh Noah! This is the happiest day of my life!” She told Noah as they got in front of the arch. “Mine too.” he replied, touching her lovingly on the arm.

They exchanged vow and rings and Noah kissed his bride as the guests looked on. Even Gary looked sort of happy for the newlyweds.


Then they had cake.
“I would just like to thank all of you for supporting me” Gianna told them. “By the way Mortimer, I hope you’re taking notes. Don’t forget you’re supposed to be writing my book.”
Mortimer nodded, his mouth full of cake. “Yes yes I remember.” He replied.


During the wedding Gianna remembered that she was supposed to ask Noah to take her last name since he was marrying into her legacy. She found him among the guests and told him.


“Noah hunnie I hope you don’t mind but I’ll be keeping my last name…and well because of the legacy and stuff you would have to become a Reed as well” She explained.
“Oh yeah I was wondering about that.” He replied “Well I’m completely fine with it.”

She also broke out in disgusting stripes but that didn’t stop her from having fun. She took a picture with the new Mr.Reed.


Then went to find Dina.


“So Dina, when’s your wedding?” She asked her friend.


Dina laughed. “Well I don’t know..we kinda just got together. But enough about me for now. Let’s take a selfie to remember you in all your striped glory!”

So they did exactly that.


Then the newlyweds had a conversation on the toilet… because that’s what newlyweds do… gone are the days of privacy.


“So umm Noah are you handy or should I call the plumber” Gianna said laughing.

And after everyone left they got ready for their first whoohoo! “Are you ready for this hun?” Noah asked Gianna.
” You bet!” She replied smiling.


And they jumped under the covers and had their first whoohoo!


See you next time!


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