The Reed Legacy 1.4- Noah

Newcrest seemed like a nice place to fish so people from far and wide visited this pond daily.


You could even find treasure if you put in enough time.


Gianna used this opportunity to tell the other sims about her plans for Newcrest.


Gianna greeted them “Hey ladies! Are you enjoying the pond?”
“We sure are!” they responded.
“That’s great!” Gianna replied, pleased to know they were happy.

She told them about how she won the chance to build Newcrest from the ground up and that right now she was working on the park. They looked genuinely excited for her.


Soon it was Gianna’s birthday. She couldn’t believe the days flew by so fast. She threw a party  and invited some of the people she recently met.

Oh no! A fire broke out during the party!


Thankfully there were brave sims like Dina and Gunther there to put it out. Phew!

Finally it was time to blow out the candles. Gianna huffed and she puffed and she blew the candles out.


Gianna aged up gracefully and looking as good as ever.She still hadn’t finished her aspiration and this made her a little sad. She decided it was time to think about getting married and settling down.

But first it was boogie down time!


After the smoke from the party died down Gianna decided to invite Gary over to talk about life and other matters. However life isn’t always as it seems. When Gary arrived he was old and grey.


Gianna was in utter shock. “Oh my gosh Gary why did you hide your age???” she cried. “I can’t found Newcrest with you anymore! We’re over!”


Gary tried to apologize: “But…but.. I wanted to tell you I just never found the right moment.. I’m so sorry”


But Gianna wasn’t hearing it “I don’t want to hear it Gary. Goodbye!”

Gianna was furious. How could this be happening? She had really liked Gary. He was supposed to be the one.

She called Dina over to talk.


“Dina can you believe it! Gary lied about his age. I broke up with him immediately!”
Gina consoled her “You’ll be fine. Maybe he just wasn’t the right one. There are lots more fish in the sea. By the way have you met Wolfgang Munch?”

Gianna took Dina’s advice. She stopped moping about Gary, got herself a makeover and went to pursue new love…

She spent some time with Wolfgang but they couldn’t get along. He was mean! Plus he was gloomy all the time and that was just too much for Gianna.


This didn’t stop Gianna, she continued tending her garden and looking for a suitable husband (in her spare time).


She met a few other guys but the one that really caught her eye was Noah Priest. He was an evil insider who loved everything done perfectly.


They got along really well and quickly became friends.


After a while she began to think maybe Noah was good boyfriend material. Unlike Wolfgang, Noah was receptive to her advances.


He even did romantic things like bring her roses.


And eventually they had their fist kiss.


Yes, things were looking up for Gianna’s relationship. They were very happy together.


After finally maxing her gardening skill, Gianna decided to throw a weenie roast to celebrate.


“Thanks for coming guys!” Gianna said “I’d just like to thank you all for supporting me in the founding of this new town. I’ve maxed my gardening skill which is a step to making this town successful. So let’s celebrate! Eat drink and enjoy the roast!”

See you next time!




6 thoughts on “The Reed Legacy 1.4- Noah

  1. peaoorko says:

    I laughed so hard at the break up scene. Your satirical style is hilarious. ( Btw I’m Chocis. And I’ve read everything up to 2.11, I’m just wroking on something clever to say)

    Liked by 1 person

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