The Reed Legacy 1.3- A Much Needed Vacation

After the death of Jacques, Gianna found herself getting quite close to Gary.


Gary: “Hey Gianna this hamburger cake is awesome!”

He would come over to her house to spend time with her and sometimes they would go cloud gazing.


And of course they would spend time watching tv and chatting.


Gary: “Gianna I think it’s time we take our relationship to the next level”
Gianna:” What do you mean?”


Gary: I would love it if you would be my girlfriend!
Gianna : oh my gosh! Absolutely!

Then they both shared their first kiss.


Things were going well for Gianna until one day she got home from work one day feeling a little frustrated. The pressure of building a city  and holding down a job was getting to her.


That evening her good friend Dina came to visit.


Dina: Hey Gianna how are you?
Gianna: Not too good actually. It’s really hard building this town from scratch
Dina: Aww don’t feel down. It could have been worse. Have you heard?  Cassandra fell in the pond while fishing! Hahaha!”
Gianna: “Oh my!”
Dina: “Anyway! Do you know what you need girl?  A vacation!”
Gianna: “That’s a great idea! Let’s go to granite falls.”

So they went to Granite falls with some of their friends.


Gianna: “Ooh look plants! Great I can get some seeds to help with my aspiration. Mort do you know what kind of plant this is?”
Mortimer: “I have no idea!”

She wondered around the campground for a while and found a fire pit. She decided a warm fire was a good idea so she lit it and set herself on fire in the process.


Finally she got it right.


They ate some hot dogs that Gary made.


Then they went to play chess inside the visitor’s centre.


When they grew tired of this Gianna went outside by the campfire to tell stories. One of the girls thought it was better to listen to the story while getting fit.


They were having such a great time at Granite Falls…they didn’t want it to end.


Gary: “Guys this place is awesome! I saw all sorts of animals…squirrels, frogs and so many other things!

And Gary and Gianna took a selfie to remember the wonderful time they had.


The vacation flew by way too quickly and soon it was over and they were back home in Newcrest. Also Gianna was feeling much better about her task of building Newcrest.


Gianna: Dina that vacation was exactly what I needed! Thanks!
Dina: That’s awesome! Now you can get back to forging your legacy.


Gianna: Yes I can. Oh and did you see the amazing pics we took? Granite Falls was really wonderful!
Dina: Haha! Yes this trip was fabulous!


And after an exciting trip Gianna went to bed knowing that she would wake up ready to face the world.

See you next time!


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